The Department of Art & Design has a diverse faculty actively engaged in the production of art, its historical and critical evaluation, and the training of art educators.

The department prides itself on its commitments to high standards of teaching and sound research achievements. Individual faculty have been cited for their teaching excellence. Art history faculty members have written books, articles, and critical reviews, and regularly participate in national and international conferences. Studio art faculty exhibit nationally and internationally in group and solo juried and invited exhibitions.

Art History

Maureen Quigley, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Teaching Professor, Ancient and Medieval Art

Jeanne Morgan Zarucchi, Ph.D.
Professor, French Art

Art Education

Jennifer Fisher, Ph.D.
Associate Teaching Professor
(joint appointment with Dept. of Educator Preparation and Leadership)


Studio Art

Glen Anderson, MFA
Associate Professor
3D Art and Technology

Michael Behle, MFA
Associate Chair
Associate Teaching Professor

Elizabeth Buchta, MFA
Assistant Teaching Professor
Graphic Design

Scott Gericke, MFA
Assistant Teaching Professor
Graphic Design

Jennifer McKnight, MFA
Graphic Design

Phillip Robinson, MFA
Associate Professor
2D and 3D Art and Design

Jeffrey Sippel, MFA

Dan Younger, MFA

Part-time Faculty

David Gorden, Illustration

Samantha Hunerlach, MFA, Ceramics

Lily Huxhold, Web Design

Albert Kuo, MFA, Drawing

Lizzie Martinez, MFA, Painting

Bill Sawalich, MFA, Photography

Snail Scott, MFA, Ceramics

Christine Smith, Ph.D., Art History

Vincent Stemmler, MFA, Sculpture

Daniel Stumeier, MFA, 2D Design


Michele Davis, Senior Business Support Specialist

Jennifer Roberts, Office Support III

Patrick Renschen, Senior Lab Technician: FABLab

Taylor Timmberberg, Senior Lab Technician: Studios and FABLab

Student Workers: Armani James, Cynthia Nixon

Emeritus Professors

Ruth Bohan, Ph.D., Professor of Art History

Karen Cummings, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Art Education

Louis Lankford, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Art Education

Gretchen Schisla, MFA, Professor Emeritus of Graphic Design

Susan Waller, Ph.D., Professor of Art History


Founders Professors

Yael Even, Ph.D., Founders Professor of Art History

Luci McMichaels, MFA, Founders Professor of Art Education