The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a professional doctorate that emphasizes the application of theory to actual business issues. The program follows a lock-step cohort model and is designed to train practitioner-scholars beyond the MBA curriculum. The DBA program will help you develop proficiency in applied research by improving your methodological and analytical skills. A guidance committee assists all of our doctoral students in planning and navigating a rigorous program of multidisciplinary study. The DBA program is a non-resident program with limited visits to campus allowing you to complete your studies without having to sacrifice your career. Over the course of our three-year program, you will attend in-person classes one weekend each month while engaging and collaborating in an online learning environment throughout the program.



The DBA curriculum provides an interdisciplinary perspective and is focused on practitioner engagement through research, creative scholarship, and production of works for publication in reputable professional and academic journals. Courses span major areas of business administration including accounting, information systems, finance, logistics and supply chain management, marketing, organizational behavior, human resource management, leadership, operations management, strategic management, and research methodology for examining business problems empirically.

Foundation Courses: Knowledge of quantitative skills and basic knowledge of scholarly writing.

Course Title Credit Hours
Statistical Modeling (BUS AD 7301) 2
Doctoral Foundations Seminar (BUS AD 7109) 3

Term I (Spring 2022)

Course Title Credit Hours
Scientific Inquiry in Business (BUS AD 7100) 2
Qualitative Research Methods I (BUS AD 7102) 3

Term II (Summer 2022)

Course Title Credit Hours
Quantitative Research Methods I (BUS AD 7101) 3
The Role of Accounting Information in Firms and Markets (BUS AD 7400) 2
Managing Talent for Strategic Advantage (BUS AD 7600) 2

Term III (Fall 2022)

Course Title Credit Hours
Quantitative Research Methods II (BUS AD 7103) 3
Supply Chain Management (BUS AD 7300) 2
Talent Acquisition, Management, and Retention (BUS AD 7105) 2

Term IV (Spring 2023)

Course Title Credit Hours
Qualitative Research Methods II (BUS AD 7104) 3
Contemporary Marketing Intelligence and Decision Making (BUS AD 7700) 2
Strategic Business Analysis (BUS AD 7106) 2

Term V (Summer 2023)

Course Title Credit Hours
Sustaining and Disruptive Information Technologies (BUS AD 7800) 2
Finance Theory and Applications Seminar (BUS AD 7500) 2
Special Topic (TBA) (BUS AD 7105) 2

Term VI (Fall 2023)

Course Title Credit Hours
Development and defense of proposal for dissertation research (BUS AD 7107) 6

Term VII (Spring 2024)

Course Title Credit Hours
Research Practicum (BUS AD 7108) 6

Term VIII (Summer 2024)

Course Title Credit Hours
Research Practicum (BUS AD 7108) 5

Term IX (Fall 2024)

Course Title Credit Hours
Research Practicum Final Dissertation Defense (BUS AD 7108) 6