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B.S. in Chemistry Emphasis in Biochemistry

The Department offers an optional curriculum that will result in the awarding of the B.S. degree in chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry. This curriculum is designed to meet the standards for certification by the American Chemical Society.

Degree Requirements for a B.S. in Chemistry with Biochemistry Emphasis:
As compared with the general B.S. curriculum described in the prior link, all students take Biochemistry Chemistry 4712. The courses Chemistry 4343, Chemistry 3643, and Chemistry 4433 are replaced by:
Chemistry 4722 - Advanced Biochemistry (3 credits)
Chemistry 4733 - Biochemical Techniques (2 credits)

Note: For students entering in fall 2011 and later, the requirement to take Chemistry 4412 is replaced by a requirement to take Chemistry 3643.

In addition, the advanced elective within the B.S. degree must be ONE of the following courses:
Chemistry 3905 - Undergraduate Research (3 credits) or 3 credits of Biology 4905: Research
Chemistry 4764 - Special Topics in Biochemistry (3 credits)
Chemistry 4772 - Physical Biochemistry (3 credits)

If either research option is chosen, the project must be in biochemistry and must include a written final report submitted to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The biochemistry option for the B.S. degree also adds the following courses to the related area requirements listed above for the general B.S. degree.
Biology 1831 - Introductory Biology I (5 credits)
and ONE of the following courses:
Biology 3622 - Cell Biology (3 credits)
Biology 2012 - Genetics (3 credits)

Checklist for degree program

4 Year Degree Plan for BS degree (biochemistry option)