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B.S. in Chemistry

Degree Requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry: This is the first professional degree in chemistry. It may be taken as a terminal degree by students intending to become professional chemists or for preparation for graduate work in chemistry or biochemistry. Candidates must complete the following chemistry courses:

1111 - Introductory Chemistry I
1121 - Introductory Chemistry II
2223 - Quantitative Analysis
3022 - Introduction to Chemical Literature
3312 - Physical Chemistry I
3322 - Physical Chemistry II
3333 - Laboratory in Physical Chemistry I
4343 - Laboratory in Physical Chemistry II
3412 - Basic Inorganic Chemistry
2612 - Organic Chemistry I
2622 - Organic Chemistry II
2633 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory
4897 - Seminar (2 credit hours)
4212 - Instrumental Analysis
4233 - Laboratory in Instrumental Analysis
4412 - Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
4433 - Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
3643 - Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory
4712 - Biochemistry

Students must also take two (2) elective hours of advanced work in Chemistry at the 3000 level or above. Students are encouraged to take Chemistry 290(3905), Chemical Research, to fulfill at least a portion of the advanced elective requirement. 51 hours of chemistry courses may be applied toward the degree. Each candidate must present a seminar and pass a comprehensive examination during the senior year.

At least 24 hours of chemistry at the 3xxx level or higher must be completed at UMSL.

Note: Students who enrolled at UM-St. Louis for the first time prior to Fall 2001 are not required to take Biochemistry as part of the regular B. S. degree program. However, such students must complete three (3) credits of advanced work in chemistry, instead of two (2).

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