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B.A. in Chemistry with Biochemistry Certificate

The University offers a certificate program for chemistry majors who are interested in careers in biochemistry. This is an interdisciplinary program that involves additional courses in biochemistry and biology. In addition to the usual requirements for the B.A. degree in chemistry, the student must take the following courses.

Chemistry 4712(371) - Biochemistry (3 credits)
Chemistry 4722(372) - Advanced Biochemistry (3 credits)
Chemistry 4733(373) - Biochemical Techniques (2 credits)
Chemistry 4764 (376) - Interdisciplinary Topics in Biochemistry (3 credits)
Chemistry 4772(377) - Physical Biochemistry (3 credits)

Biology 1831(11) - Introductory Biology I (5 credits)
Biology 2012(224) -Genetics (3 credits)
Biology 3622(232) -Cell Biology (3 credits)
Biology 4602(326) - Molecular Biology (3 credits)
Biology 4614(327) - Biotechnology Laboratory I (4 credits)

Note: the numbers in parentheses are the old course numbers (prior to August 2003).

Students may obtain a minor in biology by adding Biology 1821(12) to the curriculum described above.

Checklist for degree program