The Monday Chemistry Colloquium presentations will be held on Mondays at 4:00 - 4:50 pm in Benton Hall (BH) 103. Seminars are  attended by faculty, postdocs, and graduate students from all divisions, as well as undergraduate chemistry majors typically in their final semester.

Spring 2022




Jan 24

Dr. Rachel Henken (UMSL Environmental Health and Safety), "Hazardous Waste, Unwanted Material or Trash"


Jan 31

Dr. Rachel Henken (UMSL Environmental Health and Safety) "Update on Lab Safety, EHS, and Cummunication".


Feb 7

 Dr. Rajamoni Jagan (UMSL Chemistry and Biochemistry Department); "X-Ray Crystallography-Crystal Structure Determination and Intermolecular Intractions"


Feb 14

Dr. Robert J. Comito (Department of Chemistry, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), "Amination methods for complex molecule and polymer synthesis."


Feb 21

Dr. Poitr Mak (Department of Chemistry, Saint Louis University), "Structure-function correlation studies of canonical and noncanonical heme oxygenases".


Feb 28

Dr. Gary Mients (Department of Chemistry, Missouri State University) "Impact of DNA Damage on Backbone Conformational Equilibrium and a Possible Role in Damage Recognition." Nichols

Mar 14

Dr. Shanteri Singh (Department of Chemistry, Univerisity of Oklahoma)"Late-stage diversification of natural products using aromatic prenyltransferases"


Mar 21

ACS National Meeting, San Diego, CA


Mar 28

No seminar Spring Break


Apr 4

Dr. Brianna White (Bayer Crop Science, St. Louis) “Analytical Chemistry in the Agricultural Industry.”


Apr 11

Dr. Chris Arnatt (Department of Chemistry, Saint Louis University) "Targeting Orphan GCPRs for Non-Opioid Treatments of Neuropathic Pain".


Apr 18

Dr. Lynmarie Thompsont (Department of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts) "NMR and hydrogen exchange of chemoreceptor complexes suggest signaling occurs via stabilization of a disordered domain.”"


Apr 25


May 2

33rd Annual Distinguished Alumni Lecture: Dr. Sean Dingman BS 1993 (Oxychem, St. Louis) "La Chemica Vita"."