Seminars for Fall 2022 will be a combination of in person and virtual ( via zoom) presentations.  Our seminars are open to the public.  For the zoom link, e-mail or call Professor Holmes whose contact info is on the department website

Normally Monday Chemistry Colloquium presentations are held on Mondays at 4:00 - 4:50 pm in Benton Hall (BH) 103. Seminars are  attended by faculty, postdocs, and graduate students from all divisions, as well as undergraduate chemistry majors typically in their final semester.

FALL 2022




Aug 29 Dr. Rachel Henken, UMSL Environmental Health and Safety, "Updates and Waste Management" Stine
Sept 12  

Sept 19  
Professor Justin Walensky, UM-Columbia, "The Softer Side of actinide Chemistry".

Sept 26 Professor Omar Yaghi, University of California-Berkeley. The 23rd Robert W. Murray Lecture: "Harvesting Water from Desert Air". for more details click here.  Bauer
Oct 3 Edgar Arriaga, University of Minnesota. “Using analytical chemistry to look for rare cells: Looking for a needle in a haystack”  CGSA
Oct 10

 Professor Joseph Lambert, Trinity University, “Amber the Organic Gemstone.”


Oct 17

Sibrina N. CollinsLawrence Technological University, “Storytelling and Superhero Chemistry: Wouldn’t It Be Cool if Vibranium Had 5g Electrons?”


Oct 24

Professor Paul Chirik, Princeton University, “Catalysis with Earth Abundant Elements and Our Hydrocarbon Future”.

Oct 31

Professor Jingrong Pearl Xie, Virginia Tech. University, Professor Yuna Ferguson, Truman State University. "STEM Faculty's perspectives on adopting culturally resposive teaching pedagogy"

Nov. 7 Professor Michael Shatruk, Florida State University. “Exploring Magnetic Bistability of Molecules via Rational Design of Spin-Transition and Clock-Transition Complexes”.  Holmes
Nov 14 Professor Natia Frank, University of Nevada-Reno, TBA   Holmes
Nov 28 Professor Selvan Demir, Michigan State University. "Employing Radicals and Bismuth in Lanthanide Single-Molecule Magnet Design"   Holmes
Dec. 5 TBA

 An archive of previous department colloquia is given here