Seminars for Spring 2023 will be a combination of in person and virtual ( via zoom) presentations.  Our seminars are open to the public.  For the zoom link, e-mail or call Professor Bauer whose contact info is on the department website

Normally Monday Chemistry Colloquium presentations are held on Mondays at 4:00 - 4:50 pm in Benton Hall (BH) 103. Seminars are  attended by faculty, postdocs, and graduate students from all divisions, as well as undergraduate chemistry majors typically in their final semester.

Spring 2023




Jan 23
Dr. Rachel Henken, UMSL Environmental Health and Safety,

Jan 30  
Dr. Rachel Henken, UMSL Environmental Health and Safety,

Feb 6  
Professor Johna Leddy, (University of Iowa) Via Zoom.
"The spin on magnetoelectrocatalysis”

Feb 13
Professor Istvan Kiss
, (Saint Louis University)
“Leveraging Diversity for Synchrony: Emergent Collective Behavior of Complex Chemical Reactions in Networks”

Feb 20 ProfessorJamie Neely (Saint Louis University)
"New Methods for C–N and C–C Bond Formation Based on Unique Reactivity in Iron Complexes"
Feb 27



Mar 6

Professor Chip Nataro (Lafayette College) Via Zoom
“Reactions and catalytic activity of gold compounds with bis(phosphino)metallocene ligands”


Mar 13

Professor Joe Zadrozny, (Colorado State University)
“Quantum Mimicry: a New Paradigm in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry”

Mar 20

Professor. Kade Head-Marsden (Washington University)
"Computational characterization of excited states and strong correlation in 3d transition metals"

Mar 27 Spring break and ACS Meeting, Indianapolis.  No seminar  
Apr 3
Robert Tycko
(Laboratory of Chemical Physics, NIH),
“Watching Proteins Fold, Form Complexes, and Self-Assemble with  Time-Resolved Solid State NMR”

Apr 10
Professor Christian Ehm
(University of Naples Federico II, Italy) Via ZOOM
“Intuitive Chemical Descriptors and Modelling of Catalyst Selectivity”

Apr 17
Prof. Jonathan Barnes
, (Washington University)
Title TBA

Apr 24
Distinguished Alumni Lecture and Student Awards Ceremony
Justyce J. Jedlicka, BS 2009, MBA 2018 (Food and Beverage Regulatory Liaison at MilliporeSigma in St. Louis)
"Chemical Bonds of Business: Grow Your Network".  For details click here.

May 1
Prof. Marc A. Hillmyer
  (University of Minnesota)
Title TBA


 An archive of previous department colloquia is given here