Dr. Joyce CoreyJoyce Corey, professor of chemistry at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, is the 2002 winner of the Presidential Award for Research and Creativity. The award is given in recognition of a sustained effort of nationally or internationally prominent research or creativity and includes a $15,000 stipend.

UMSL did not offer an advanced degree in chemistry when Corey joined the faculty in 1968. Corey quickly began establishing a productive research program. One of the world’s leading experts on organosilicon chemistry, Corey is an active member of the American Chemical Society.

Chemists around the world use a process Corey developed early in her career called the “Corey reaction.” She has authored more than 100 articles.

Corey attended Radcliffe College from 1956-58, received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from University of North Dakota in 1960 and master’s and doctoral degrees from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1961 and 1964, respectively.