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Message from the Office of the Chancellor

September 18, 2023 -  Reflecting on UMSL's 60th Anniversary with gratitude for our university community

Dear UMSL Community,

Just six short decades ago on September 15, 1963, visionary leaders and the community came together with shovels in hand and a shared dream in their hearts. They stood on the grounds of what was once the Bellerive Country Club with a resolute mission: to give the people of Missouri's most populous and economically vital region a world-class, public research university. On that fateful day, the seed of a remarkable institution was planted which grew into the magnificent University of Missouri–St. Louis we know today.

For sixty years, our university has been an unwavering source of transformation, a beacon of hope, and a pinnacle of educational excellence, research impact, and community service. Today, UMSL stands proudly as one of the nation's foremost public research universities. Our Triton community of nearly 15,000 students, 1,900 dedicated staff and faculty members, and an extraordinary alumni network of more than 112,000 embodies the essence of our success story.

It's awe-inspiring to reflect on the profound impact this institution has had on countless lives and the global community in our relatively short history. We can all draw inspiration from the steadfast dedication and unwavering commitment of those who laid our foundation. Yet, what truly ignites my spirit is the inspiration I find in each one of you.

Our university's triumphs are a testament to the relentless dedication of our people. Your hard work and tireless efforts serve as a guiding light, urging our students to persevere, uplifting our communities through outreach and service, fostering innovation through groundbreaking research, and building the bedrock of our workforce. Indeed, it is each and every one of you who is not only carrying forward the legacy of UMSL but also setting the stage for the next exhilarating chapter in our journey—a future where we will continue to transform lives for the next 60 years and beyond.

In each and every one of you, we find the beating heart of our UMSL Triton community. Your presence here fills us with immense pride, not just for the incredible individuals you are, but for the remarkable collective force that is our university. This shared pride reverberated through the air as I witnessed the boundless energy and contagious excitement that radiated from all who gathered last Friday to celebrate UMSL Red & Gold Day.

As we continue to celebrate our 60th Anniversary throughout the academic year, I invite you to immerse yourself fully in the many events and activities that lie ahead. Here are just a few ways you can join in this grand celebration:

  • Vote on our new alma mater: Be a part of history by helping us choose the anthem that will resonate with generations to come.
  • Nominate an alum for 60 Alumni for 60 Years: Shine a spotlight on the extraordinary achievements of our graduates, who embody the spirit of UMSL's success.
  • Submit service hours: Contribute to our collective effort to log an inspiring 60,000 hours of volunteerism and service this academic year, leaving an indelible mark on our community.

This remarkable journey has been possible because of every member of our UMSL family. Together, we have transformed lives for over six decades, and we've done so by remaining steadfastly true to our mission. Our commitment, our resilience, and our shared vision are the pillars upon which we have built this legacy. Together, as one UMSL community, let us continue to shine as a beacon of inspiration, aspiration, and achievement for all.

Gratefully forward,

Kristin Sobolik
University of Missouri–St. Louis