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Naomi Akins-OsumaNaomi Akins-Osuma

Assistant Vice President - Special Project Consultant
U.S. Bank Inc.
B.S. in Information Systems: University of Missouri - St. Louis
M.S. in Computer Information Systems: Southern New Hampshire University

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Naomi Akins-Osuma is currently a Special Project Consultant for U.S. Bank. In this role, she manages and advances the direction of strategic initiatives for the bank's Operations Services (OS) division. Her recent endeavors include onboarding and implementing new technology solutions, evaluating alternative design configurations and product solutions for OS business lines, and managing merger and acquisition event activity for select business lines within OS.

With a background in IT solution development, such as application development, automation systems with orchestration and machine learning, business intelligence and reporting software(s), and DBMS' and data warehouse architecture, Naomi can leverage her technical experience to align state-of-the-art technology with solutions to meet the needs of the business.

Naomi holds a Master of Science degree from Southern New Hampshire University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Management of Information Systems from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.