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Guest Housing Request

Please fill out all fields of this form to the best of your knowledge. If you should have any problems or questions filling out this form, please contact the Coordinator at 314.516.4389. All requests made within 24 hours of arrival will be subject to a $10 per night rate increase.  When making a request less than 48 hours in advance, please contact the Coordinator to verify that space is available and assure that your request is processed in enough time.

Please also note that this is not an automated system, you will need to allow up to 48 hours for a response.  We typically require one request form for each person needing a room.   *Please note that effective September 30, 2017 we will once again be offering guest housing during the academic year (September 2017 - May 2018).  Please keep in mind that are guest housing during the academic year is very limited and only available on the 6th floor of Oak Hall.

Guest Housing Request Form