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The UMSL residential community is a learning community that supports academic success, personal development, and involvement of all its residents while encouraging learning in all aspects of life. We invite you to become an active and contributing member of the Residential Life community.

Community Guide

This guide is your personal reference and guide to living in the Residential Life communities. 

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July 1 - December 31 July 1st
Spring January 1 - June 30 November 14th

  • Housing charges (and meal plan, if applicable) for the entire semester are charged in one lump sum to student's UMSL student account. The only additional charges added throughout the semester are lost key fees.

  • If you have any extra Federal Loans from Financial Aid, they could cover the cost of your housing. All students must check with Student Financial Services to see if their awards are enough to cover tuition and housing.

  • Housing charges are pro-rated on a daily basis. Meal plan charges (Options 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6) are pro-rated based upon elapsed meal plan days since the start of the term (for meal blocks). Declining balance funds are dollar for dollar.

  • If a payment plan for housing charges needs to be set up, this can only be done through Student Financial Services.

  • If you should have any questions regarding your billing, please contact the Cashier's Office at (314) 516-5151.