Welcome to the Department of
Physics & Astronomy!

Our Department comprises 8 full-time faculty and 3 adjunct faculty who are dedicated to research and/or teaching. In addition, we have the Chancellor and three Emeritus or Founders Professors as Department members.  We offer B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in physics with emphasis areas in astrophysics, materials, engineering, and biophysics. 

Undergraduates in our program can take advantage of small class sizes and numerous research opportunities with faculty. Research stipends for the summer and academic year are available through the NASA/Missouri Space Grant Consortium. Financial aid is available to outstanding students majoring in physics through various awards and scholarships. Details about these programs and awards can be found in our Undergraduate Handbook.

The department also hosts a variety of special events (both social and scholarly) throughout the year. Click here for pictures of events.

Please contact the undergraduate and graduate advisors for questions regarding the undergraduate or graduate programs.

Graduate Program Advisor: 
Professor Bruce Wilking
Graduate Coordinator 
Phone: 314-516-5023
Email: bwilking@umsl.edu

Undergraduate Program Advisor: 
Professor Sonya Bahar 
Undergraduate Advisor 
Phone: 314-516-7150 
Email: bahars@umsl.edu