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"A Doctor of Optometry, or optometrist, is an independent health-care professional who is specifically educated, clinically trained, and licensed to examine, diagnose and treat conditions or impairments of the eye and human vision system."

Our group is dedicated to providing support to undergraduate students who are considering a career in Optometry. We also provide direction to those interested in exploring the profession, and those applying to optometry schools.

Pre Opt Eyeglasses

Pre-Optometry Club students at UMSL show off a collection box at Marillac Hall and some of the donated eyeglasses and cases. The students are (from left) Tina Ingoldsby, a junior from Dittmer, Mo.; Yunho Kim, a junior from Seoul, South Korea; Xavier Robinson, a junior from Kingston, Jamaica; Cortney Luehrmann, a senior from Los Angeles; and Lucy Ellermann, a freshman from St. Louis.

After last year's tragic earthquake in Haiti, Pre-Optometry Club students at the University of Missouri-St. Louis wanted to do something. So they sought used eyeglasses for Haitians and people in other developing countries. They collected 223 pairs. Now, they're shooting for even more.

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October 26, 2012
November 30, 2012
January 25, 2013
February 22, 2013
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