College of Optometry

Department List of Optometry Staff


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Alphabetical List of Optometry Staff

Center for Eyecare

Amy Benwell, BS, Patient Accounts Assistant
Laura Conrad, Patient Service Representative 
Cassidy Cooley, BS, Credentailing & Compliance Specialist
Stephani Disney, Optometric Technician
Angela Emring, BA, MEd, Manager, Center for Eye Care
Angelique Forsha, BSM, MBA, Clinic Business & Communications Coordinator
Jennifer Frost, Patient Service Representative
Mallory Hoelscher, Patient Serivice Representative
Traci Jackson, Patient Service Representative 
Roger Jesse, Optician
Katie Jessie, Patient Service Representative
Youlanda Jones, Office Support Staff III
Stephanie Kaiman, Manager, Patient Accounts
Claire Livingston, Patient Service Representative
Laura Mabry, Patient Service Representative
Carolyn Ostergaard, BS, Patient Service Coordinator
Katherine Reed, Optometric Technician
Stephanie Rolfes, Patient Accounts Manager 
Megan Smith, Patient Service Representative
Rhonda Swindell, Optometric Technician 


Continuing Education (314) 516-5615
Lis Ellerbusch, Office Support Staff III

Office of the Dean (314) 516-5606
Maria Ahrens, BA, Administrative Assistant 
Lorraine Simeone, Administrative Manager 

Lorraine Simeone, Administrative Manager

Fiscal Operations (314) 516-5987
Rufus Dyle, BS, Department Specialist
Martha Menendez, MBA, Business and Fiscal Operations Specialist

Graphics and Web Design (314) 516-5566
Janice White, BA, MA, Interactive Graphic Designer

Outcomes Assessment (314) 516-5606
Tammy Jones, MA, Management Analyst

Pupil Project (314) 516-5131
Deborah Iadevito, MA, Educational Therapist

Research Support (314) 516-6368
Michael Howe, Sr. Research Eng. Tech.

Student Services (314) 516-6263
Nick Palisch, BS, MM, Program Director-Student Services, Admissions and Recruitment (314) 516-5139
Linda Stein, Administrative Assistant

Ward E. Barnes Library (314) 516-5572
Ted Ficklen, BA, Library Asst. II