Raymond I. Myers, O.D.
Clinical Professor

Dr. Raymond Myers practices in the College of Optometry clinical program where he works mostly with fourth year students.  His research interests include contact lenses, lenticular refractive surgery, and the concerns of optometric students. As the first president and co-founder of the American Optometric Student Association, he has also published on financial indebtedness of optometry students as well as grading methods.

He is presently concerned with innovative techniques of refractive surgery for the correction of refractive errors including presbyopia, for which a manufacturer in 2010 has recognized Dr. Myers' first patent as its foundational base for their activity including Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery. Further patents and patents pending define cataract retardation and other eye disease prevention affected may be helped by reducing middle age lens changes. 

Dr. Myers is co-inventor with an optometrist and a polymer chemist for a series of self-destructive contact lens cases which encourage compliance and lessens wearers' chances of misusing their lenses.  Eight US and international patents applications were filed including registration in the European Community Union, and the submission received full acceptance by the Patent Cooperation Treaty.  

He is also a co-founder and sixteen year officer of the International Society for Contact Lens Research, and he authored a book with its 40 year history in 2009.  Dr. Myers began the Materials Science Symposium on Chemistry and Contact Lenses and its 14th meeting  in 2012 is under the sponsorship of Louisiana State University.   He has also published various articles on the properties of contact lenses including fitting characteristics, flexure, and lens deposits.

Dr. Myers is co-founder of the Gateway Lions & Partners, a community partnership among St. Louis universities and Lions organizations that provides a safety net in eye care for Metro-St. Louis citizens.

Dr. Myers received his degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Indiana University, and did a post graduate research fellowship in London at Moorfields Eye Hospital. He has been in private practice, the contact lens industry, the administrative staffs of the American Optometric Association in St. Louis and Washington DC, and has been on the medical staffs of LSU Eye Center in New Orleans and Washington University in St. Louis.

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