Erin Brooks

Erin Brooks, O.D., M. S.
Assistant Clinical Professor

Dr. Erin Brooks, Clinical Assistant Professor in Primary Care and Community Services, is a new addition to the full-time faculty of the College of Optometry.

Dr. Brooks has served as a preceptor and instructor (part-time) in the College, including the Optometric Center and Grace Hill, since receiving her O.D. from the UM-St. Louis College of Optometry in 2011 and her M.S. in 2013. She has a diversity of interests including children's vision, ocular disease, community health, and primary eye care. In addition to clinical duties, Dr. Brooks is currently involved in research concerning the Pupil Project. Dr. Brooks serves as the course coordinator of Ocular Motility and joint teaches the new neuro-ophthalmology course with Dr. Aaron Franzel.

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