Contact Lens Apply
Description of Program:
This 54-week residency program will provide extensive clinical experience in the theory and clinical application of contact lenses. Participation in advanced contact lenses and corneal physiology instruction, research, and rotation through ophthalmology clinics will be included in this program. 

Contact lens practice management will be emphasized with the assistance of experienced and reputable adjunct faculty. A participant in a qualified residency program should be in the advantageous position of being able to select among several career opportunities in optometry. Schools and Colleges of Optometry, Veterans Administration Hospitals, HMO’s, and private settings generally prefer hiring an O.D. who has completed a clinical residency program.

Program Mission Statement
The mission of the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry Residency Program in Cornea and Contact Lenses is to provide high quality, advanced post-graduate education and clinical training in cornea and contact lenses to qualified optometrists who will contribute to eye care and the profession of optometry, particularly in this specialty area. Upon successful completion of this program, the resident will be able to pursue a professional career in a contact lens practice, refractive surgery co-management, optometric contact lens education and/or clinical research.  The program instills in its residents a professional and scientific attitude, skills for lifelong learning, a commitment to the profession of optometry and a desire to contribute to the social welfare of the community.

Teaching Responsibilities for Resident/Graduate Student:
The resident will participate in advanced contact lens instruction, contact lens laboratory instruction, and supervision of third and fourth year optometry students in Contact Lens Clinic.


Research Responsibilities:
The resident will write a minimum of one research paper suitable for publication in a refereed journal.

If you have any questions regarding our residency program please contact Julie DeKinder, O.D.