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Accounting Department


Our Mission

The educational mission of the Accounting programs is to foster excellence in accountancy by providing a rigorous educational experience as a framework for lifelong learning to individuals of diverse academic backgrounds. 

Our Programs

We are proud of our Bachelor of Science program in Accounting and our Master of Accounting program.   Each is accredited by AACSB International.  We were the first Accounting program in the St. Louis region to earn dual accreditation in both Business and Accounting by the premier global business accrediting body. 

Our Alumni

We are proud of our strong alumni base.  Our alumni are leaders of corporations, CPA firms, and other organizations across the country.  They are Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and Chief Financial Officers of Corporations large and small.  They are Partners in the global CPA firms, national CPA firms, regional CPA firms, and local CPA firms across our region.  They are leaders in regulatory agencies and not-for-profit organizations as well bringing a unique passion and skill set to these organizations and their unique missions.  

Our Students

We are proud of our talented and diverse student body that continues to serve in paid internships each year numbering over 100, to earn positions at great firms and organizations upon graduation, and to pass the CPA Exam each year at rates above the national averages.  We are especially proud of our Master of Accounting graduates, who pass the exam at rates far above the national averages. 

CPA Exam Pass Rate

UMSL Master of Accounting and MBA graduates passed the four CPA exam parts at a rate of 75.3% in 2016. This led all graduate programs in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  It also far exceeds the national average pass rate, which is 48.7% of parts taken.

A Round of Applause!!!!

The August, 2015 edition of the Public Accounting Report (PAR) provided its annual rankings of the nation's accounting programs. In the category of Undergraduate Accounting Programs with fewer than 15 Accounting faculty members, our Bachelor of Science in Accounting is ranked #17 (see below). In the category of Master of Accounting Program with fewer than 15 Accounting Faculty members, our MACC is also ranked #17 (see below). These rankings are based on a survey of all accounting professors. 

This is a great tribute to our AWESOME students. By virtue of their hard work which led to their strong pass rates on the CPA exam and the multiple Elijah Watt Sells Awards - they have brought national attention to our programs! I am beyond thrilled. 

Now I want to thank you for the part that you and all of the great friends of the accounting department played in getting us to where we are at. Our vision has been and is to be an "Outstanding Professional Accountancy Program." We are there. We will work our hardest to stay there! 

Public Accounting Report 
34th Annual Professors Survey—2015 
Top 25 Undergraduate Rankings: Schools with 15 or Fewer Full-Time Accounting Faculty 
Rank   School 
1 University of Wisconsin 
2 University of Virginia 
3 University of Nevada-Las Vegas 
4 Southern Methodist University 
5 University of Massachusetts 
6 Oklahoma State University 
7 Ball State University 
8 University of Oklahoma 
9 University of Arkansas 
10 Lehigh University 
11 University of Pittsburgh 
12 College of William & Mary 
13 University of Cincinnati 
14 Mississippi State University 
15 University of Kansas 
16 Case Western Reserve University 
17 University of Missouri-St. Louis 
18 University of Minnesota 
19 Loyola University-Maryland 
20 Emory University 
21 Belmont University 
22 Bryant University 
TIE Northwestern University 
24 University of Nebraska 
25 University of Northern Iowa 

Top 25 Master’s Rankings: Schools with 15 or Fewer Full-Time Accounting Faculty 
Rank   School 
1 University of Wisconsin 
2 University of Virginia 
3 Southern Methodist University 
4 University of Arkansas 
5 University of Oklahoma 
6 University of Nevada-Las Vegas 
7 Oklahoma State University 
8 University of Cincinnati 
9 University of Pittsburgh 
10 University of Massachusetts 
TIE Vanderbilt University 
12 Mississippi State University 
13 Lehigh University 
14 Case Western Reserve University 
15 Ball State University 
TIE College of William & Mary 
17 University of Missouri-St. Louis 
18 Georgia State University 
19 University of Northern Iowa 
20 Idaho State University 
TIE University of South Florida 
22 Emory University 
23 Truman State University 
24 University of Minnesota 
25 Western Michigan University 

Note: Master’s degrees in accounting and integrated degrees only; does not include MBAs.
Source: PAR research based on U.S. accounting professors’ survey.

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