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UMSL Chemist is our annual magazine of departmental and alumni news. The Fall 2017 edition is available electronically by clicking here.  It will be mailed to you shortly.  If you have news of Chemistry Department Alumni or just want to get in touch, email the editor, Professor Lol Barton.

Archived issues of UMSL CHEMIST



On Monday April 23, 2018, the 21st Annual Robert W. Murray Lecture will be presented by Dr. LUCY ZIURYS, Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Astronomy and the Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona, Tucson.  .

On Monday April 30, the 31st Annual Distinguished Alumni Lecture will be presented by YANA LEVCHINSKY-GRIMMOND, BS 1997, MS (with thesis) 1999.  She is currently Sr. Manager Technology Transfer at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals in Albany, New York.  She joined the company in 2002 and served as  Analytical Scientist, Project Manager and Technology Transfer, Manager prior to assuming her current position in 2014.  At UMSL she completed her thesis research under the supervision of Professor Braddock-Wilking.

Successful event honoring the 50th anniversary of the first graduating class was held on Saturday May 13.

The first UMSL graduating class was 1966-67.  This year, 2017 is the 50th anniversary of that class which included 11 chemistry graduates. The Chemistry Alumni Council held an Alumni Reunion as a celebration in spring 2017 and invited all graduates to attend but especially those who graduated from 1967 through 1970.  The event was held on Saturday May 13 in the spectacular solarium of the new Science Learning Center from 3:00 – 5:00 pm.  Photos may be seen by clicking here where one can see department photos from all the Chemistry Aumni Council events..  .

             UM-St. Louis Distinguished Alumni Awards to Chemists

Distinguished Alumni Lecturers
A former student from the Department of Chemistry at UM-St. Louis delivers this annual lecture, which is followed by a reception. This forms part of the regular departmental seminar program and is typically scheduled for the first Monday in May as the final seminar of the academic year. The lecture follows presentation of the Annual Departmental Awards.

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