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Max Gillman

Max GillmanFriedrich A. Hayek Professor in Economic History
Department of Economics

Professor Gillman is the author of numerous journal articles and two books: Advanced Modern Macroeconomics: Analysis and Application (2011 Pearson) and Inflation Theory in Economics: Welfare, Velocity,Growth and Business Cycles (2009 Routledge).  He also edited Collected Papers on Monetary Theory by Robert E. Lucas, Jr. (2011 Harvard U Press). 

 Professor Gillman previously held the position of Professor of Economics at Cardiff Business School in the UK for over eight years.  Before that he was at Central European U in Budapest for seven years, while also serving as an Associate Researcher in the Hungarian Academy of Science in Budapest and a Researcher in CERGE-EI in Prague. 

Currently Professor Gillman's research agenda focuses on business cycles, economic growth, and how money and banking influence both cycles and growth. A recent paper extends monetary theory to study tax evasion and growth through a human capital approach.  Professor Gillman received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago.