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How to Enhance Financial Capability for Low- to Moderate-Income Consumers

CEFC provides a unique dimension to corporate and private foundation funding that targets financial capability programs for low- to moderate-income consumers. 

CEFC’s performance-based student loan borrower repayment counseling program structure helps assure greater accountability for your funding dollars:

  • Through CEFC’s close monitoring of program protocol implementation with the organizations’ counselors, performance stipends are awarded for demonstrating adherence to program protocol in addition to number of borrowers counseled.
  • Monitoring counselors’ performance enables CEFC to assure the program’s checklist of remedies is being explored with each borrower.
  •  If a counselor’s performance in implementing the protocol is not at an acceptable level, CEFC staff will provide feedback and coach counselors to attain a level of performance that provides the borrower full exploration of his available repayment options, including other major program milestones.
  •  By conducting a formal third-party evaluation, CEFC is able to report to program funders the fidelity of protocol implementation as well as program outputs and borrower impact.

To learn more about supporting a Student Loan Debt Repayment Counseling partnership in a specific area or community, please contact CEFC to learn more details.