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How We Earn Your Trust

The Center for Excellence in Financial Counseling is dedicated to developing innovative programs to enhance the effectiveness of nonprofit consumer financial counseling services and thereby improve the outcomes and financial capabilities for low- to moderate-income, financially distressed borrowers. 

To achieve this vision, CEFC works with a cross-section of experts in behavioral change, academia, consumer advocacy, financial counseling and legal services. CEFC is committed to designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating replicable counseling programs that will guide consumers who are burdened by excessive debt, helping them avoid delinquency and default, and thus improving their overall financial capacity and mobility.   

The foundation of achieving this vision—demonstrating proof-of-concept for its first replicable program—has been accomplished. The next step is taking this program to scale. CEFC is actively working to expand its national reach through partnerships with private and corporate foundations, social service organizations, and legal services organizations.