Testing Center Faculty Policies

Faculty must submit required documentation to the Testing Center before student(s) arrive to take the exam. An Exam Transmittal Form is required to be submitted alongside each exam that faculty requests the Testing Center to accommodate.  The only exception to this policy is if the if the test information has already been submitted through ProctorU

Due to limited seating capacity and the volume of testing appointments, a course must be fully or partially online to warrant test administration to an entire class.  100% face-to-face courses are not eligible for whole-class testing services. Please contact the Testing Center Coordinator directly if you would like us to consider an exception to this policy. 

Testing facilities are designed for high-security exams. Faculty should consider alternate testing sites for un-monitored, open-Internet assessments where security is not an issue. Students may not use personal devices to access e-books and/or notes. 

The Testing Center does not distribute nor accept homework assignments, review sheets, or return graded exams to students. 

Testing Set-Up / Scheduling

Online Testing

Instructor Portal: https://apps.umsl.edu/webapps/weboffice/OTC/instructor/login.cfm 

Student Portal: https://apps.umsl.edu/webapps/weboffice/OTC/user/login.cfm 

Note: The online test scheduling app is a Web Application.  You must close your browser window after logging out of a Web Application to avoid a "stale request" error message upon the next attempted login. 

The current online test scheduling app pulls information directly from Canvas Quizzes.  Once a Quiz has been published with the following settings enabled, it will appear as available for students to schedule when they log in to the student side of the application:

  • Time limit
  • Access code (only testing staff will see this)
  • Dates of availability (both "from" and "to," not only a due date)

Note: The current system only integrates with Canvas Quizzes. Your students will not have the option to schedule an exam delivered in Cengage, Pearson MyLab, etc., until you have published a "placeholder" Canvas Quiz with the above required settings. 

Paper-Based Testing:

The preferred exam format for the Testing Center is Canvas, but paper/pencil exams shall also be accommodated. Please note that paper-based seating is limited. Faculty must provide the Center with paper exams that exceed a total of fifty (50) printed pages. The Center will return exams to faculty as indicated on the Exam Transmittal Form. 

Paper-based test scheduling is set up manually. Once the Testing Center has received the Exam Transmittal Form, students may schedule paper-based exams for online/blended courses by submitting an Appointment Request Form. Please note that individual classroom accommodated or makeup exams will not be listed for multiple students to schedule - students should select "UMSL - Makeup Test" or "UMSL - Disability Access Services."