Common Searches

Learn more about your Tuition Assistance benefit.

Visit the Student Financial Services site to learn more about your tuition assistance benefit, for yourself or your family.

Want to give praise to a colleague or employee?

Learn how to send a praise in Microsoft Teams

Wondering how to show appreciation in your day-to-day?

Try starting each meeting with a quick note of appreciation or recognition to help recognize the great work your team is doing.

EAP Occupational Stress Programs

Attend a virtual session from UM System on a variety of topics around workplace stress.

Interested in Online Learning?

Online learning is sponsored by the University of Missouri (UM) System Office of Human Resources. Percipio is an online tool that helps us support our ongoing commitment to the continuing development of faculty and staff. Percipio offers training and resources in many areas, including leadership, software applications, professional effectiveness and legal compliance in the workplace. Users can choose to follow learning paths curated based on role or the skills they'd like to develop. They can also select from over 700 learning channels, each based on a skill employees and organizations regularly identify as valuable.