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Intercampus Staff Advisory Council

A proposal was submitted to the UM System in the Spring of 1999 to establish an Intercampus Staff Advisory Council. The purpose would be "to provide a mechanism for all staff to speak with one voice when addressing system wide issues." The proposal was accepted but with some changes. The original proposal stated each campus and UM System would have three or four representatives, depending on circumstances, but System administration set the number at two per campus.

The System recommended that the two representatives be the Chair/President and the Vice-Chair/Vice-President. When the proposal went forth, UMSL's Staff Council recommended that the Executive Officers serve on this committee; therefore, the Staff Association Chair and Vice Chair serve as the campus representatives on ISAC. The immediate past-chair of the UMSL Staff Association shall serve as a third campus representative on ISAC to assist in continuity of information and progress toward goals and initiatives.

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