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Residential Life FAQs

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Where do I apply for housing?

A: To apply for housing, visit the Housing portal.

How do I request a suitemate?

A: In the process of applying for housing, you will be asked if you want to request a specific suitemate. Follow the prompts in the application to make this request.

What are the housing rates?

Semester Cost Academic Year Cost
Full Rate $3,891 $7,782
Louie's Leader $3,502 $7,004

How do I find my housing assignment?

A: Your housing assignment can be found in the Triton Housing Portal. Login with your SSO and Password.

How do I contact my suitemate?

A: When you go into the Triton Housing Portal, you will see a list of your suitemates and their email address (if they have made it available to see). If the email address is not available, you can reach out through social media.

Why are first-time students required to live on campus?

A: When students live in university housing, they belong to a community that supports and encourages their student success. Students are also close to resources and organizations that directly contribute to their academic success and social connections to campus.

Why can’t I choose my own room?

A: Our experienced staff reviews the preferences of all incoming students — more than 400 Tritons — and assigns rooms to fulfill the greatest number of preferences for the largest number of students. Our process is designed to put together a very large puzzle for our residents.

Where do I send my immunization records?

A: Visit the Health Services webpage for more information on how to submit immunization records.

Where do I find my SSO username and password?

A: Directions for finding and using your SSO can be easily found on the UMSL Global site.

Is my housing application fee refundable?

A: The $60 housing application fee is non-refundable.

Moving in and out

When can I move in?

A: Fall 2024 move in will begin on August 15th from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. for New Students, and on August 16th from 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. for Returning Students.

When does Oak Hall close/ when do I need to be moved out?

A: On Move-Out Day, all residents must completely vacate and check out of their room with their RA by the specified time. Move-out is at 12:00 p.m. on the Friday immediately following finals week, unless otherwise instructed.

Can I stay on campus over breaks?

  1. Fall Break
    1. Students are not required to leave the residence halls during Fall Break. If they do, they should plan to return no later than the Sunday evening prior to classes.
  2. Winter Break
    1. For Winter Break, all residents must be out of the building by 12:00 p.m. on the Friday of finals week. Residents may return to their rooms at 12:00 p.m. on the Saturday prior to class resumption, unless otherwise instructed.
  3. Spring Break
    1. Students are not required to leave the residence halls during Spring Break. If they do, they should plan to return no later than the Sunday evening prior to classes.
  4. Summer Break
    1. Residents wanting to stay over Summer will need to apply to do so in the Housing Portal. Residents not approved for Summer stay must check out of their Spring assignment no later than Noon on the Saturday immediately following finals week.

Can I stay in Oak Hall for one semester if I am graduating, studying abroad, etc.?

A: Yes! You will complete the same application, and 8 weeks prior to the end of the Fall semester, you will log back into the Housing Portal and cancel your application, indicating on the appropriate line that you’re canceling due to December graduation or end of study abroad. You will not be charged for canceling for this reason.

Can items be stored over the Summer?

A: Oak Hall does not offer any storage options over the Summer.

Oak Hall Rooms

Can I bring a microwave and refrigerator?

A: A microwave/fridge freezer combo is provided in every suite so there is no need to buy or bring your own.

Measurements: From the top of the microwave to the bottom of the fridge is 114 cm, the depth of the microwave is 36.5 cm and the depth of the fridge/freezer is 47 cm.

Can beds be lofted?

A: Yes. You can fill out the loft form if you are interested in reserving a loft.

The tallest you can loft a bed from the floor to the bed frame latch is 64 inches. The lowest from the floor to the bed frame latch is 54 inches.

What is included in my room?

A: Rooms are furnished with an XL twin mattress and bed frame, desk and chair, dresser, armoire, mini-microwave, mini-refrigerator and freezer unit.

What are the dimensions of the furniture in my suite?

*All dimensions provided below are in inches.

1st floor: 62 L x 38 W
2nd floor: 86 ½ L x 39 W
3-5 floors: 63 L x 40 W
6th Floor : 62 L x 38 W

Dresser: 47 L x 33 W
Bed Frame: 5 in (low) -up to- 3 feet (high)
Mattress: 78 L x 37 1/2 W (Twin XL sheets only)
Desk (table): 30 H x 42 W
Desk (back part): 26 H x 40 W
Top drawer: 14 W x 16 1/2 L 4 1/2 D
Bottom drawer: 14 W x 18 ½ L x 9 D
Wardrobe: 77 H x 49 W, 22 D
Left side: 60 H x 23 W x 22 D
Right side: 43 H x 22 1/2 D x 22 D
Top : 12 H x 47 W x 22 D
Drawers : 20 L x 20 W x 4 D
Microfridge Unit: 114 L x 47 ½ W x 47 D

Do you provide gender inclusive housing?

A: Yes, assuming the space is available. When completing your Housing Application there is an option to indicate you wish to live in a gender-inclusive space. We then make every effort to assign you to a suite that will be suitable and welcoming for you.

Can I bring a car to campus?

A: Yes, all students, regardless of housing status, can park their vehicle on campus as long as they have an UMSL-issued parking sticker. For more information about the parking permits, please contact Student Financial Services in the Millennium Student Center.

I don't have a car, how can I get around campus?

A: There are several transportation methods for residents.

  1. You can walk to class or to the other side of campus. It usually takes less than 15 minutes!
  2. There is also a campus shuttle which runs back and forth across campus.
  3. Finally, you can use the free Metrolink and Metrobus pass each student receives. There are Metrolink stops on both North Campus and South Campus.

What should I bring to campus?

A: What to Bring/ What Not to Bring

What are the average measurements of a room in Oak Hall?

A: Room dimensions vary by layout and location of your student's room. Typically, room size is 10' x 10' (LxW).

Are there laundry facilities available?

A: There is a 24-hour laundry facility on the first floor of Oak Hall with a change achine, single-use laundry detergent dispenser, etc. The machines cost $1 to wash, and $1 to dry.

Meals, Mail and Employment

Can I change my meal plan?

A:Yes, but only in the first two weeks of the semester. You can request this change in the Housing Portal. After the first two weeks, you cannot change your meal plan option, but may request to add additional declining dollars. You do this in the same spot in the Housing Portal, under Forms & Resources.

What are the meal plan/dining options?

See the posted rates.

What is the address to Oak Hall?

A: Please address all mail and packages to: Resident's Name, Oak Hall and Room/Suite Number, 2911 Laclede Lane St. Louis, MO 63121.

Can students work in the residence hall?

A: Yes. We have Desk Assistant (DA) and Resident Advisor (RA) positions available in UMSL Residential Life and Housing. Be on the lookout for flyers and emails when applications open.

I have another question not answered above.

For more information, email umslreslife@umsl.edu or call 314-516-6877