(contains audio tapes and video dvds)

AT-001 2nd UMSL Women's Festival (Betty Lee/Jean Berg/Judy Chicago), 3/80

AT-002 Ali, Muhammad, 12-05-75, The True Nature of Friendship, (digitized)

AT-003 Alinsky, Saul, social activist/writer, 2-09-71 (digitized)

AT-004 Bader, Robert (Dean of A & S), on how the University works, 3-17-72 (digitized)

AT-005 Barnes, Ward, (How the University was established) 01-21-72 (digitized and available as streaming audio)

AT-006 Ward Barnes Retirement, 05-04-76

AT-007 Murdoch, Iris, 04-26-72 (this tape is blank)

AT-008 Benton Hall Dedication, 06-12-66 (digitized and available as streaming audio)

AT-009 Berger, Raoul--Charles Warren Senior Fellow in American Legal History at Harvard, speaks on Impeachment and Executive Privilege, 3-13-74 (digitized)

T-010 Graduation (w/Gov. Kit Bond), 05/74 (digitized)

AT-011, disc 1--Humanities Forum, 10/11/74 "Free Blacks and Slavery", Charles Boxer, Carl Degler (digitized)


AT-011, disc 2--Humanities Forum, 10/11/74 "Feminism in America", Emily Hahn and Carl Degler (digitized)

AT-012 Judge Brady, 03-13-72 (digitized)

AT-013 Brown, John Anthony, President Lindenwood College (visiting lecturer), speaks on private colleges, 02-23-72 (digitized)

AT-014 Burgess, Anthony, 04-18-75

AT-015 Byrne, William (report of President's Commission on Kent & Jackson State Universities), 03-12-71 (digitized)

AT-016 Cagan, Leslie, social justice activist, 04-05-72 (digitized)

AT-017 Calloway, Ernest, "The Future of St. Louis,"01-31-75 (digitized)

AT-018 Chambers, Dr. John, (Pros., Danforth Foundation), 04-25-68

AT-019 Chew, Lindell (Business School), 04-14-72 (digitized)

AT-020 Chisholm, Shirley, 10-13-76 (Moral Issues in Politics) digitized

AT-021 Christo (Javacheff), 03-29-74 (digitized)

AT-022 Clark, Ramsey (former US Attorney General), 10-17-73 (digitized)

AT-023 Cohen, Dr. Bernard (Chair, Senate Executive Committee), 03-17-72 (digitized)

AT-024 Coleman, A. D. (photography), 02-14-75

AT-025 Primm, James Neal (St. Louis History)

AT-026 Danforth, John (Missouri Attorney General), On Law and Law Enforcement, 03-02-72

AT-027 Dudman, Richard (journalist), 09-21-73 (digitized)

AT-028 Dustin, Richard, 04-10-72, (on how to effect change in the university) digitized

AT-029 Farenthold, Frances (Sissy) (feminist/political figure), 04-11-73 (digitized)

AT-030 Fields, Bill (journalist), On Blacks and Women in the Media, 03-04-74 (digitized)

AT-031 Giovanni, Nikki, (Black Culture Week speaker), 05-02-73 (digitized)

AT-032 Goode, Wayne (legislator), 02-07-72 (digitized)

AT-033 Senator Charles Goodell, "The Price of Dissent," 04-30-71 (digitized)

AT-034 Grant, Will, 04-12-72 (digitized)

AT-035 " " 12-07-71 (digitized)

AT-036 Gregory, Dick 02-21-72, 2 discs, (digitized)

AT-037 Gromyko, Anatoly 03-26-71 (Soviet Role in United Nations) digitized

AT-038 Haley, Alex 11-29-72 (digitized)

AT-039 Hook, Sidney, 03-05-71 (The Future of the University) digitized

AT-040 Hooks, Benjamin, Executive Director NAACP, 09-28-79 (digitized)

AT-041 Johnson, Nicholas (former FCC Commissioner), "How to Talk Back to your Television Set", 02-13-74, (digitized)

AT-042 Kennedy, Flo (black woman activist), 04-08-77 (digitized)

AT-043 Kyd, Sterling, 02/72, (Education and Politics) digitized

AT-044 Lentz, Theodore, 3-30-76 (digitized)

AT-045 Luscomb, Florence, women's rights activist, 03-08-76 (digitized)

AT-046 Maltby, William (History Dept.)

AT-047 Mann-Borgese, Elisabeth, On Women's Rights, 11-03-75 (digitized)

AT-048 Mead, Margaret, anthropologist, speaks on marriage and families, 11-21-77 (digitized)

AT-049 Preisler, Paul (American Federation of Teachers), 12-06-67, digitized, (poor audio quality)

AT-050 Pulliam, A., on minority students in the University system, 03-24-72 (digitized)

AT-051 Reed, Evelyn, "Women's Evolution and Human Nature", 10-24-75 (digitized)

AT-052 Reischauer, Edwin, 03-19-71 (The Role of Japan Today), digitized

AT-053 Resh, Richard (History Dept.), "Sources of Cohesion in the Black Family: A Critique of the Moynihan Report," 05-01-72 5 (digitized)

AT-054 "The Causes of Poverty", 11-14-73 (digitized)

AT-055 Salisbury, Harrison, NY Times correspondent, speaks on foreign affairs, 10-27-72 (digitized)

AT-056 Sapp, Virgil, Dean of Extension, speaks on the development of campus and the Extension Division, 01-28-72 (digitized)

AT-057 Schorr, Daniel, 04-18-73, speaks on Watergate and the importance of the free press (digitized)

AT-058 Sheehan, Neil, "The Press in a Free Society",10-10-73 (digitized)

AT-059 Spainhower, James, "State Politics & Higher Education", 02/72 (digitized)

AT-060 Stimpson, Catherine, ("Feminism & Revolution"), 03-10-76 (digitized)

AT-061 Sullivan, Margaret, ("Ethnicity in St. Louis"), 11-30-72

AT-062 Symington, Stuart, 1st Dag Hammarskjold Memorial Lecture, 10-23-70 (digitized)

AT-063 Szulc, Tad, ("US Involvement in the Middle East"), 11/20-21/75

AT-064 Taylor, Telford, ("Nuremberg & Vietnam"), 01-26-72 (digitized)

AT-065 Dr. Martin Towey, on Black Jack community's low income housing project controversy, 04-13-72 (digitized)

AT-066 Turner, Emery (Dean, Business), 04-26-72 (digitized)

AT-067 UMSL - 10th Anniversary 10-07-73 contains speech by Brice Ratchford on the growth and accomplishments on UMSL campus (digitized)

AT-068 Van Dyke, William speaks at opening of f.64 exhibit at Gallery 210, 04-03-78 (digitized)

AT-069 Veri, Clive (Extension) 03-03-72 (digitized)

AT-070 Walters, Everett, interim Chancellor, 1/24/73 (digitized)

AT-071 Williams, Betty, Irish peace activist, 10-31-79 (digitized)

AT-072 Woods, Donald, jounralist and anti-apartheid activist, 11-01-78 (digitized)

AT-073 Young, Marilyn, 04-21-76, Women in the Chinese Revolution (digitized)

AT-074 Commencement, 01-07-79

AT-075 Commencement, 05-06-79

AT-077 Commencement, 05/72, 05/73

AT-078 Commencement, 08-04-74

AT-079 Commencement 05-15-77

AT-080 Commencement (Margaret Hickey, speaker), 05/75 5

AT-081 Commencement, 08-06-78

AT-083 Commencement (Charles F. Knight, speaker), 05-16-76

AT-084 Commencement, 08-07-77

AT-085 Commencement, (James C. Olson, speaker), 08-01-76 5

AT-086 Commencement, (Neal Primm, speaker), summer '75

AT-087 Commencement, (Leonor K. Sullivan, speaker), 06-11-69

AT-088 Commencement, (Stuart Symington, speaker), 06-06-68

AT-089 Commencement, (1st Graduating Class - John C. Weaver, speaker), 06-09-67

AT-090 Commencement, (Roy Wilkins, Pres. NAACP, speaker), 06/71

AT-091 Burkholder, Mark , 02-21-79, (15th Anniversary Project), digitized (RESTRICTED UNTIL ONE YEAR AFTER HIS DEPARTURE FROM CAMPUS)

AT-092 Dougherty, Charles, 02-13-79, (15th Anniversary Project: topics include UMSL's formation, UMSL's status, the "urban mission", Center for Academic Development), digitized

AT-093 Fedder, Edwin, 02-16-79, (15th Anniversary Project), digitized, 2 discs

AT-094 Franzen, William, Dean-School of Education 02-21-79 (15th Anniversary Project) digitized

AT-095 Haimo, Debbie, Math Professor, 03-26-79 (15th Anniversary Project) digitized

AT-096 Hause, Steven, 03-05-79

AT-097 Smith, Wendell, 02-27-79

AT-098 Smith, Chuck, 03-07-79

AT-099 Spencer, Fred, 04-06-79

AT-100 Trojcak, Doris, 02-28-79

AT-101 Turner, Harold, 02-20-79

AT-102 Honors Convocation (Walter C. Daniel, speaker), 04-24-69

AT-103 Honors Convocation, (Elmer Ellis, speaker),11-20-64

AT-104 Honors Convocation, (Dr. Jones, speaker), 03-02-65

AT-105 Honors Convocation, (Edward Palmquist, speaker), 04-10-64

AT-106 Honors Convocation, (Walter Scholes, speaker), 11-15-63

AT-107 Honors Convocation, (John Schwada, speaker), 05-13-66

AT-108 Honors Convocation, (Raymond R. Tucker, speaker), 04-11-67

AT-109 Forum on Race, Poverty & Education, 11-14-73

AT-110 Revolution Seminar, (Dr. Charles Hamilton - "The Meaning of Revolution"), 04-18-72

AT-111 Revolution Seminar (Drs. Lament & Pocock - "Cromwell and the English Revolution"), 04-19-72

AT-112 Revolution Seminar, (Dr. Martin Miller - "The Problem of Ideology in the Russian Revolution")04-20-72

AT-113 Revolution Seminar, (Dr. Theodore Von Laue - "Lenin in 1917-Prophetic Leadership"), 04-20-72

AT-114 Racism, Sexism and the American Experience 05-07-71

AT-115, 116, 117 Symposium, ("Sports & American Society"), 02/16-18/72

AT-118 Truman Symposium, 03/01-02/73

AT-119 Wedemeyer, Gen. Albert, 11-05-76

AT-120 University Close-Up, 02/72

AT-121 Debate: C. Brice Ratchford w/ Sen. A. Clifford Jones, 05/73

AT-122 Admissions & Student Aid Committee, 01/31-02/01/74

AT-123 "Pulse" - KSD Radio, (St. Louis area grad. prgms.)

AT-124 10th Anniversary Special

AT-125 Symposium - Arnold B. Grobman installed as Chancellor 04-21-76

AT-126 Commencement 01-08-78

AT-127 Woods Hall Dedication 08-07-77

AT-128 Commencement (Charles Dougherty, speaker), 08-03-80

AT-130 Gwen Gregory, Rosalind Johnson, (Equal Opportunity for Women), 09-26-73

AT-131 Mueller, H. E.(Director, Admissions), 03-28-74

AT-132 Murry, Donald A. 03-21-74

AT-133 Bugg, James, (UMSL's first chancellor), 05-03-74

AT-134 Sapp, Virgil, (Dean, Extension), 11-20-73

AT-135 Miller, Kenneth, (Prof., Fine Arts), 12-05-73

AT-136 Perry, John, (UMSL Business Officer), 11-30-73

AT-137 Smith, Chuck,(Director, Athletics), 05-01-74

AT-138 Sargent, Lyman Tower, (Prof., Political Science), 04-08-74

AT-139 Miller, Jane, (Prof., Chemistry), 04-23-74

AT-140 Dreimeier, Donald, (School of Business), 05-14-74

AT-141 Williamson, Jane, (Prof., English), 06-05-74

AT-142 Krasnoff, Alan, (Prof., Psychology), 01-28-74

AT-143 Parks, Jane, (Dept. of English), 04-01-74

AT-144 Turner, Emery (Dean, School of Business), 10-18-73

AT-145 Primm, J. Neal, (Prof., History), 01-31-74

AT-146 Whitner, Joy, (Dean, Evening College), 12-04-73

AT-147 Miller, Jane, 07-15-75

AT-148 Armbruster, Charles, (Chair, Dept. of Chemistry), 11-01-73

AT-149 Fagan, Margaret, (Director, Women's and Outstate Programs), 11-21-73

AT-150 Driscoll, Glen,(former chancellor), 10-06-73

AT-151 C. E. Potter on UMSL's 1st years (1960-63), 05-02-74

AT-152 Alberta Slavin, ("Women in the '70s"), 06-08-75

AT-153 Layne, Lucille (UMSL Women's Center), 02-07-74

AT-154 Optometry School Open House, 10-12-80

AT-155 Commencement (William Hungate, speaker), 12-21-80

AT-156, 157, 158 Alumni Association ("Growth of UMSL")

AT-159 Commencement, 01-06-80

AT-160 Commencement, 05-17-81 5

AT-161 Nelson, James J. (Chief, UMSL Police), 07-07-81

AT-162 "Exploring St. Louis" - KSD (UM's Role in St. Louis Area Schools), 04-27-75

AT-163 "Exploring St. Louis", (Problems of Urban/Suburban Gov'ts in St. Louis Area), 05-25-75 (digitized)

AT-164 "Exploring St. Louis" (Economic Health of St. Louis), 07-27-75 (digitized)

AT-165 "Exploring St. Louis" (Health Care in St. Louis), 08-25-75 (digitized)

AT-166 "Exploring St. Louis"(U.N.I.T.E.D. - Special Ed. Programs at UMSL), 09-28-75 (digitized)

AT-167 "Exploring St. Louis" (Biofeedback & Mind Expansion), 10-27-75

AT-168 "Exploring St. Louis" (The Optometry School Question), 12-28-75

AT-169 "Exploring St. Louis" (Women's Extension Programs at UMSL), 01-22-76

AT-170 "Exploring St. Louis"(Crime in St. Louis), 02-22-76

AT-171 "Exploring St. Louis" (Federal Funding for St. Louis), 03-28-76

AT-172 "Exploring St. Louis", (Recording St. Louis History), 04-18-76

AT-173 "Exploring St. Louis" (UMSL Relations w/ St. Louis Area), 05-16-76

AT-174 "Exploring St. Louis", (Creative Aging), 07-18-76

AT-175 "Exploring St. Louis", (Non-Traditional Education), 08-15-76

AT-176 "Exploring St. Louis", (UMSL Downtown), 10-24-76

AT-177 "Exploring St. Louis", (Business School Services to St. Louis), 01-23-77

AT-178 "Exploring St. Louis", (Bus Service for UMSL Students), 06-26-77

AT-179 "Exploring St. Louis" , (Center for Academic Development), 07-24-77

AT-180 "Exploring St. Louis",(Community Psychological Service), 09-25-77

AT-181 "Image St. Louis" - KSD Radio, (Cultural Events), 02-13-77

AT-182 "Image St. Louis", (Individually Guided Education), 11-14-76

AT-183 "Image St. Louis", (Marillac Dedication), 09-12-76

AT-184 "Image St. Louis", (MA in Elementary Ed.), 05/9-10/76

AT-185 "Image St. Louis", (New Concepts in Home Studies), 09-14-75

AT-186 "Image St. Louis", (Urban Youth), 08-10-75

AT-187 "Image St. Louis", (Higher Education for the Evening Student), 07-07-75

AT-188 "Image St. Louis", (Progress & Problems in Education), 05-11-75

AT-189 "Image St. Louis", (University Year for Action), 03-09-75

AT-190 "Image St. Louis", (Women's Athletics), 02-09-75

AT-191 "Image St. Louis" (The Commuter Campus), 12-08-74

AT-193 UMSL Ten Year Anniversary, (Ward Barnes, Brice Ratchford, James Bugg, et. al.), 1973

AT-194 Faces of UMSL, (for 10th Anniversary), 1973

AT-195 Arnold Grobman, Chancellor, 3rd Annual Report to the Community, 05/781

AT-196 Arnold Grobman, Chancellor, 2nd Annual Report to the Community (excerpts), 05-13-77

AT-197 Chancellor's Awards Presentation Program, 09-30-81

AT-198 Commencement (Elizabeth Clayton, speaker), 08-02-81

AT-199, 200, 201 Philosophy Symposium 10/81

AT-202 Bader, Robert S. (Dean, Arts & Sciences), 12-30-82

AT-203 Benoist, Howard, (Director, Center for Academic Development), 12-28-82

AT-204 Christensen, Jerry , (Dean, School of Optometry), 01-07-83

AT-205 Doyle, Jim (Philosophy) 12-23-82

AT-206 Farrell, Blair K., (Director, University Relations), 12-16-82

AT-207 Arnold Grobman, Chancellor, 12-15-82

AT-208 Jones, E. Terrence, (Dept. of Political Science), 12-23-82

AT-209 Krash, Ron, (Director of Libraries), 12-23-82

AT-210 MacKinney, Arthur, (Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs), 12-21-82

AT-211 Maclean, Sandy, (Dean of Student Affairs), 01-03-83

AT-212 Martin, Shirley, (Dean, School of Nursing), 12-28-82

AT-213 McKenna, Joseph P. (Economics), 12-29-82

AT-214 Mowrer, George (Education), 12-21-82

AT-215 VanderWaerdt, Lois, (Director, Affirmative Action), 12-20-82

AT-216 Jackson, Jesse, 04-17-84

AT-217 Morning Edition in St. Louis( highlights), 09/25-27/85

AT-218, 219 Morning Edition in St. Louis

AT-220 Barnett, Marguerite, (Chancellor, UM-St. Louis), 03-02-87 (digitized)

AT-221, 222 Friends of UMSL Meeting, 11-10-80

AT-223 Grobman, Arnold, (former Chancellor, UM-St. Louis), 06/14, 21/88 (digitized)

AT-225 Franzen, William, 11-17-88 (MISSING)

AT-226 Primm, James Neal, 11-18-88 (digitized)

AT-227 Goode, Sen. Wayne, 11-23-88 (MISSING)

AT-228 Driemeier, Donald , 12-08-88 (MISSING)

AT-229 Leloup, Lance, 12-14-88 (MISSING)

AT-230 Van Uum, Betty, 12-19-88 (digitized)

AT-231 Timpe, Larry, 01-18-89 (MISSING)

AT-232 Matteucci, Paul, student curator, 03-09-90 (digitized)

AT-233 Tucker, Jean 04-03-81 (MISSING)

AT-234-251 River Forum Symposium 01-11-4

AT-252-256 Art as Protest/Protesting 11/29/93

Art Symposium

(AT-257-276 Christian Hospital Systems Oral History Project)

AT-257 Arthur Seewoester, 05-16-94

AT-258 Mildred Volkmann, 05-17-94

AT-259 Paul Kohnen, 05-25-94

AT-260 Dorothy Espenscheid, 05-26-94

AT-261 Paul Detrick, 05-26-94

AT-262 Dr. James Allen, 05-31-94

AT-263 Gerry Kamenko, 06-14-94

AT-264 Bruce Woodruff, 06-16-94

AT-265 Vernon (Gene) Netherton, 06-20-94

AT-266 Ron Milligan, 06-21-94

AT-267 Paul McKee, 06-22-94

AT-268 Dr. Myron H. Jacobs, 06-27-94

AT-269 Fred L. Brown, 06-28-94

AT-270 Dr. Joshua Jensen II, 06-29-94

AT-271 Dr. John Headrick, 07-06-94

AT-272 Edward H. Givens, 07-12-94

AT-273 Dr. Anthony Fathman, 07-14-94

AT-274 -284 Great Decisions, 1967, Foreign Policy Series, Extension Division)

AT-277 Communist China and the U.S..

AT-278 India and Pakistan

AT-279 Vietnam - What Price Peace?

AT-280 Yugoslavia and Rumania

AT-281 Spread of Nuclear Weapons

AT-282 New Deal in Chile

AT-283 NATO in Crisis

AT-284 War on Hunger

DVD-285 Prof. James Neal Primm interview, 6/17/09

DVD 286 Lois Schoemehl, alumna, interview 10/19/09

DVD 287 "Country Club to Halls of Ivy," Wendell Smith interviews Roy Bergmann, 1998

DVD 288 Dave Ganz, School of Business, 3/10/10

DVD 289 Lol Barton, Professor of Chemistry, 3/18/10

DVD 290 Jane Miller, Professor of Chemistry, 3/18/10

DVD 291 Dr. Jim Westbury, member of the Committee of 28, 6/8/10

DVD 292 Vince Schoemehl, alumni interview, 12-2-10

AT 293 President Jimmy Carter at UMSL Town Hall Meeting, October, 1980 (digitized)

AT 294 Marillac Dedication, 9-12-76 (digitized and available as streaming audio)

AT-295 UMSL Commencement, May 12, 1985, digitized

AT-296-316 (Chuck Korr interviews with former Robben Island political prisoners)

AT-296 Anthony Suze, 8-15-1999 (digitized from 4 cassettes)

AT-297  Eugene, 8-15-1999 (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-298 Brando and Moongo, 7-21-1998 (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-299 Indress Naidoo, 9-4-1997 (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-300 Indress Naidoo, 7-28-1998 (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-301 Indress Naidoo, 8-13-1999 (digitized from 2 cassettes)

AT-302 Lionel Davis, 8-18-1999 (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-303 unidentified, 8-18-1999 (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-304 Lekota, 9-8-1999 (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-305 Mbuzeli Dukumba, Patrick Matanjana, 7-17-1998 (digitized from 1 tape)

AT-306 Sipho, n.d. (digitized from 1 tape)

AT-307 Mabuse Suze, 7-21-2001 (digitized from 2 cassettes)

AT-308 Sedick Isaacs, 7-23-1998 (digitizd from 1 cassette)

At-309 Sedick Isaacs, 8-2-? (digitized from 2 cassettes)

AT-310 Marcus Solomon, 7-24-2001 (digitized from 2 cassettes)

AT-311 Lizo Sitoto, n.d. (digitized from2 cassettes)

AT-312 Dias, 9-28-? (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-313 Mabuse Suze, Mthimunge Tefu, 7-11-98 (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-314 Mlulami Fani, 8-5-99 (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-315 Siphiwso Sobuwa, 7-17-98 (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-316 WITS Roundtable, n.d. (digitized from 1 cassette)

AT-317 Sports and Society Symposium,  February 16-18, 1972 digitized from 5 cassettes--participants include:

                  Al Onofrio (Mizzou football coach), Bob Hollway (St. Louis Cardinals football coach), Chuck Smith (UMSL Athletic Director), Jack Scott (Sports and Soceity Institute Director), Joe Pollack (St. Louis Cardinals football publicity director,  Jackie Robinson (former Dodger and Hall of Famer as well as first black in major league baseball),  Willie Davis (former all pro end with Green Bay Packers) , Ed Macauley (former St. Louis Hawks basketball star)







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