TRIO Student Support Services Mission

UMSL’s TRIO Student Support Services program seeks to facilitate the transfer of participants from two-year to four-year institutions while increase the college retention and graduation rates of student participants. SSS TRIO will provide a comprehensive academic support model which includes targeted services such as tutoring, study hall, professional development, cultural enrichment and socio-emotional support.


Student participants in the UMSL’s TRIO Student Support Services program will benefit from a holistic support model created to provide high impact practices to promote retention and degree completion in a safe and welcoming environment. Our TRIO SSS team will be guided by utilizing best practices to address critical support needs that will combat academic and non-academic barriers that impede student persistence. Through strong collaborative efforts with faculty, staff, and community partners, we will ensure that you are provided with individualized plans to meet your personal needs.

We are excited to empower you as student participants to persist through degree completion!