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Fall 2024 NLA Schedule

NLA runs from September to November for 10 weeks and is held one evening a week from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. NLA offers two formats:

  • In-person for St. Louis locals, Tuesday nights, Sept 17-Nov 19
  • Hybrid (online and a few in-person sessions) for residents across Missouri, Wednesday nights, Sept 11-Nov 13
    • We will be hosting a Meet the Teacher/Zoom Crash Course on September 4 so everyone can get comfortable with tech in a low-stakes setting

Session #1: 
Opening Session

Session #2: 
Community Building Principles

Session #3: 
Leadership Practices

Session #4: 
Understanding Local Government: Key Stakeholders and Assets

Session #5: 
Community Toolkit #1: Project Planning

Session #6: 
Resource Development

Session #7: 
Community Toolkit #2: Running Effective Meetings

Session #8: 
Building Inclusive Communities

Session #9: 
Getting the Word Out

Session #10: 


For questions about the in-person course, contact Tasnim Haq at TFHKTB@umsl.edu

For questions about the online/hybrid course, contact Elizabeth Anderson, elizabethanderson@missouri.edu


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