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The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion appreciates your assistance in improving the accessibility of our campus by reporting accessibility barriers you encounter.

Examples of barriers include:

  • a broken elevator or automatic door
  • an inaccessible website
  • concerns with access ramp (s) or curb cut
  • Zoom/video without captions
  • lack of access to an event or program

To report a barrier, please provide the following information and email the office at odei@umsl.eu

Affiliation (i.e. student, staff, faculty, visitor)

Type of Barrier

  • Physical environment/facilities (i.e. broken elevator, inaccessible entrance)
  • Event Accessibility
  • Online Environment/Technological
  • Parking/Transportation
  • Other (please specify)

Please describe the issue in detail, including date, time and precise location (Note. If a precise location is not provided, we may be unable to locate the barrier).