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History of NPML

In response to community demand, the NPML program has provided custom-designed leadership and management training for nonprofit as well as public-sector organizations since 1993. 

The NPML program spear-headed the Nonprofit Executive-Trustee Leadership Academy, cited as one of the three premier nonprofit executive training programs in North America by the Nonprofit Times

The development of the NPML program has kept pace with an increasingly sophisticated marketplace of nonprofit programs and services. Today, NPML is part of the Public Policy Administration (PPA) program at the University of Missouri–St. Louis, which offers a Master’s in Public Policy Administration. As a result of a commitment to continuously improve the quality of nonprofit instruction, NPML is the only program in the St. Louis region with full membership in the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC), which develops standards for nonprofit education.

Although the NPML program has begun its third decade, its focus remains much the same as when it was founded: to combine academic expertise with practical knowledge in order to better prepare those who work in the sector.