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The BSPPA / MPPA 2+3 program is an accelerated program that allows outstanding BSPPA students to complete a baccalaureate degree and Master of Public Policy Administration (MPPA) degree in five years. The program allows students to apply 12 of the MPPA credit hours towards the BS, reducing the overall required hours for the two degrees from the standard 160 (120 for the BS plus 40 for the MPPA)  to 148 total hours.

Core Curriculum

All candidates for the MPPA degree must complete 25 hours in the core curriculum sequence composed of the following public policy administration courses:

Policy Analysis and Economics
P P ADM 6000 Introduction to Policy Analysis 3
ECON 5550 Economics for Public Policy Analysis 3
P P ADM 6900 Cases in Public Policy Administration 3
Public Administration and Budgeting
P P ADM 6400 Public Administration: Theory & Practice 3
P P ADM 6490 Human Resources in the Public Sector 3
P P ADM 6180 Governmental Budgeting and Financial Control 3
Statistics, Research Methods, and Information Technology
P P ADM 6010 Introduction to Policy Research 3
P P ADM 6750 Applied Research Design 3
P P ADM 6850 E-Governance in the Public Sector 1
Total Hours 25

A thesis is not required to complete the program. However, writing is an important component of the degree, and students will complete written analyses as part of their coursework and/or internships.


Nine credit hours are taken as electives based on a student’s interest. The electives are organized into emphasis areas, listed above in the MPPA program.


The MPPA requires successful completion of a three-credit-hour, 300-hour internship. In certain circumstances, the internship may be waived and replaced by an additional three-credit-hour elective.

For each student in this program, the MPPA Director and the BSPPA Advisor in the Department of Political Science, will jointly identify and approve four MPPA courses (totaling 12 credits) that cover, at a more advanced level, undergraduate courses that would otherwise be taken for the BSPPA degree. These courses will substitute for (and should not duplicate) BSPPA courses, and will count toward completion of both BSPPA and MPPA requirements.

Degree requirements remain the same for the two degrees, but students admitted into this accelerated program will be able to earn 12 graduate credits prior to completing their undergraduate degrees. Upon completion of both BSPPA and MPPA requirements, both degrees will be awarded.

Admission Requirements

BSPPA majors must have completed between 60 and 108 credit hours before applying for admission into this dual degree program. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 overall GPA as well as a minimum 3.0 GPA in the major. Applicants to the 2+3 program will submit the completed 2+3 application form to the Master of Public Policy Administration program Director, Adriano Udani. Decisions will be made by the director in consultation with the BSPPA advisor in the Department of Political Science. Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in college algebra or equivalent. The application must be accompanied by three letters of recommendation, including one from a current, full-time faculty member, and by a two- to three-page statement explaining how the BSPPA/MPPA program fits in with the applicant’s educational and professional goals.