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Counseling Services offers several free screenings for mental health and substance use. The screenings are anonymous, and can provide information about your usage of alcohol or marijuana, or about problems with your mood or anxiety level that you may be experiencing.


  • These screenings do not provide any diagnoses, and are not intended as a substitute for face-to-face professional recommendations.
  • Since the screenings are anonymous, we cannot and do not identify any individual who has completed an online screening, and therefore cannot contact any persons to provide feedback on their screening information.
  • The screenings on this site are not appropriate for, and should not be completed by, persons under age 18. Persons under age 18 with symptoms of depression are advised to talk with their parents or guardians about seeing a physician or qualified mental health professional for a complete evaluation. 
  • If you or someone you know is experiencing a psychological crisis that requires EMERGENCY attention, which may include thoughts of suicide or homicide, call  911 immediately or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. 

Proceed to screenings for Alcohol or Marijuana usage. 

Proceed to screenings for mental health issues (depression, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD).