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UMSL School Psychology Program Overview

School Psychologists utilize their training and skills in both psychology and education to team with educators, parents, and other mental health professionals to ensure that every child’s academic and social-emotional and behavioral needs are met in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment.

In addition to being an exciting and rewarding career, the field has highly favorable supply and demand ratios, as retirement rates have exceeded graduation rates in recent years and School Psychology consistently has been ranked among the top 10 of all professions for many years.

School psychologist certification in Missouri and most other states requires completion of an Educational Specialist in School Psychology (Ed.S.) degree, a 60-hour, three-year, full time program that includes a yearlong internship. The program has had full NASP-Approval since 2009 and has received a three-year extension of accreditation through 2016, at which time the program undergo re-accreditation.

Application Process

Application Deadline is: January 15th


The application to the UMSL School Psychology program is a multi-step process, which includes:

Application (On-line)
  • Transcripts
  • Resume/Vita
  • Personal Statement
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Supplemental Application Form

Interview (On-Campus or via Zoom)
  • 45-60 minute interview with faculty
  • 15-30 minute question and answer session with current candidates

Program Acceptance
  • Decisions should be finalized by mid-April

Our Fearless Faculty

Dr. Donald A. Gouwensgouwens
Dr. Gouwens is the Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology, Research, and Evaluation.  He is originally from the St. Louis area and earned his Psy.D. from Central Michigan University. He is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Licensed Psychologist in the state of Missouri. Dr. Gouwens is actively involved in promoting mental health in schools both locally and nationally.

Dr. Michael W. Bahrbahr
Dr. Bahr is an Associate Professor and Graduate Student Advisor in the Department of Educational Psychology, Research, and Evaluation. Dr. Bahr is originally from the St. Louis area and earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University. He is currently a Certified School Psychologist in the state of Missouri. Dr. Bahr has an extensive background in consultation and multi-cultural competence.

Dr. Ruth Schumacher-Martinezschumacher-martinez
Dr. Schumacher Martinez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Sciences and Professional Programs. She obtained her Ph.D. in school psychology from Loyala University in Chicago, IL and is currently a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and soon to be licensed psychologist. Dr. Schumacher-Martinez is an expert in qualitative and participitory research and has a passion for social justice and culturally competent practice.