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Tutoring services are offered by school psychologists and special educators to address skill deficits in academic areas including reading, writing, mathematics, and study skills. The individual and small group instruction is multi-sensory, structured, and sequential. An individualized program is developed, focused on multiple intelligence (using strengths and improving areas of weakness). High interest, computer-based programs are utilized.

Does your child have any characteristics of non-proficient visual skills?

  • eyestrain and headaches after reading for a short period
  • difficulty concentrating when reading
  • short attention span
  • frequently losing one’s place when reading (skipping words or lines)
  • rubbing eyes often
  • difficulty copying from the board
  • finding words moving on the page
  • squinting or blinking excessively
  • reading with the book very close to the eyes
  • repeatedly confusing the left and the right
  • appearing awkward and clumsy when climbing, throwing or participating in other activities