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Upon admission to UMSL, all students are encouraged to apply for UMSL Scholarships and Engineering Scholarships.

We encourage all students to review the information on how to apply before starting the application. All scholarships are based on merit and need. The size of the scholarships range from $250 per semester to $5,000 per semester.

Scholarship Application Form

How to Use the Scholarship Application

Engineering Scholarships

Boeing Scholarships for the University of Missouri - St. Louis/ Washington University Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program

Branahl 20th Anniversary Endowed Engineering Scholarship

Branahl Family Engineering Scholarship

Carol Keuker Memorial Scholarship

Citizen's Committee on Engineering Scholarship Fund

Engineering Alumni Scholarship (for Students in the Pierre Laclede Honors College)

Erwin and Adeline Branahl Honors Engineering Scholarship

Essex Industries Jubilee Endowed Engineering Scholarship

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