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Joseph O'SullivanWelcome to the Joint Engineering Program, a partnership between University of Missouri-St. Louis and Washington University!

Engineers are problem-solvers and inventors. Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to make life better for society. Breakthroughs such as space flight, cellular telephones, the Internet, earthquake resistant structures, and “smart highways” all have their origins in engineering. You, too, can become one of the pioneers advancing technological discoveries into the lifestyles of future generations.

Engineering is one of the few careers for which the undergraduate degree is the professional degree. With a bachelor’s degree in engineering:

  • You can be an engineer.
  • You will have an outstanding foundation for a wide range of career options.
  • You can work in a large corporation, a small consulting firm, or even start your own company.

Students in the Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program receive Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering.

  • Civil engineering – planning, designing, and constructing cities, bridges, buildings, public facilities, transportation systems, waterways, and environmental waste treatment facilities.
  • Electrical engineering – using electrical phenomena to solve problems in communications, manufacturing, medicine, defense, the environment, and other areas.
  • Mechanical engineering – working on concerns in energy conversion and machine design, manufacturing, instrumentation, environmental control, and biomechanics.

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring our website. We’d appreciate the chance to discuss the Joint Program with you. If you have any questions or comments call us at (314) 516-6800, email our Associate Director of Advising & Student Services, Mary McManus, at mcmanus@umsl.edu, or visit us in person at 216 Benton Hall on the UMSL campus. We look forward to hearing from you.


Joseph O'Sullivan
Dean, Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program