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Undergraduate Programs

B.A. in English

The English department offers or participates in offering the B.A. in English, the B.A. in English with certification for secondary teaching, and the B.S. in secondary education with an emphasis area in English. The department also offers a minor in English. Additionally, students with any major in the university may earn a Certificate in Professional Writing or a Certificate in Creative Writing offered by the department.

Students pursuing degrees in the College of Education who intend to teach English in middle school and high school may choose to complete the requirements for a BS or BA in English.

Minor in English

Students minoring in English may choose to specialize in literature, language and writing, or creative writing. Alternatively, students may choose a mixture of courses and remain generalists.

The minor will include a total of 18 hours of required English courses, exclusive of first-year composition and junior-level writing:

  • One 2000-level core curriculum course in each of the following areas: one in literature, one in writing and language, and one in creative writing.
  • Nine more hours of English courses of the student’s choosing. At least three of those hours must be at the 4000 level.