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You may donate by completing our online donor form, which can be found here

We understand there are many excellent causes to which you might donate; therefore, we thank you in advance for considering to support the University of Missouri, St. Louis English Department. But your support could offer tremendous value.

Shrinking budgets and waning state support make it continually difficult to make quality programs accessible to students in the St. Louis area, but it is precisely difficult times that make the study and appreciation of the arts so essential to our community, our health, and our lives. We hope you will you will make this possible.

The Department has three funds to which friends or alumni of the Department may give:

  • English Scholarships (for our undergrad majors)
  • Graduate Professional Development (for Graduate research and presentations)
  • English Gift Fund (for enhancements of teaching and learning in English).

We also have two named accounts for which we welcome donations:

  • Charles Larson Scholarship (undergraduate)
  • E.B. Murray Fellowship (graduate)

Your tax-deductible gift in any amount is greatly appreciated and vital in helping the Department provide students with the excellent education they deserve.

Thank you.