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This degree prepares students for a career in art education; students who successfully complete the program will be eligible for K-12 Art teacher certification in Missouri. Art education students complete a foundation art program plus additional courses that provide experience with a broad range of studio processes.

Art education has been identified by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as an area of critical need. Art is a required subject in Missouri public elementary schools, and visual art is often used to fulfill the Fine Arts credit required for high school graduation. Many high school students wish to major in art. With over 300 art teachers in the greater St. Louis region alone, there is a demand for art teachers in urban and rural areas statewide each year, although as may be expected the competition tends to be steepest in urban and suburban areas. Requirements met to obtain Missouri teacher certification can be applied toward certification in other states, although additional qualifications may be required.

Students must complete Advanced Problems courses in one of the available studio emphasis areas: Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, or Printmaking. No fewer than 50 hours must be completed in studio art. A minimum of 15 hours of art history courses are required. Students are encouraged to seek a global perspective when selecting art history courses. Graduating students will receive a BFA degree from the College of Arts & Sciences. Although students receive a BFA degree, they must also be admitted to the Teacher Education program of the College of Education in order to complete degree requirements leading to certification. Students should check with the Advising Office for current admission information. 

To be certified, students must pass the Art K-12 Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA) exam and demonstrate competence in nine Missouri Teaching Standards. Information about the MoCA exam and Missouri Teaching Standards is available from the Advising Office or the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Note that K-12 Art certification is grouped with Secondary Education by both DESE and the College of Education. 

Students with BFA degrees in studio arts who wish to obtain art teaching certification may be eligible for the Teach in 12 program through the College of Education. Art teacher certification may be obtained by post-degree students who complete Art and Art History and Teacher Education requirements identical to those of art education BFA students.

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