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Message from the Office of the Chancellor

November 20, 2023 -  Gratitude as we continue the fall semester at UMSL

Dear UMSL Community,

As we enjoy another exciting fall semester at our beloved University of Missouri–St. Louis, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude. Reflecting on recent milestones, such as our momentous 60th-anniversary celebration, I am reminded of the extraordinary individuals that make our Triton community truly exceptional.

We had the honor of hosting the University of Missouri Board of Curators on our campus this past week. During their visit, I shared a special video capturing the essence of our university as we began the fall semester. It celebrates the shared moments, the genuine smiles, and the collective spirit that defines the UMSL experience. It is a celebration of our students, faculty and staff—the heartbeat of our institution.

As we move into the holiday season, a time of reflection and gratitude, I am humbled by the privilege of witnessing and guiding the remarkable trajectory of our university. To each member of our community, I extend my sincere thanks. Your dedication, passion and unwavering commitment to our university are the driving forces behind our success.

Together, we embody the UMSL attitude—a unique blend of determination, resilience, and a willingness to roll up our sleeves to make a difference. It is this attitude that defines us, propelling us forward in our pursuit of excellence.

The UMSL attitude is a powerful force. It’s a commitment to being driven, student-centric and transformative not only to individuals and their families but to our communities and far beyond. We are a community that values access, inclusion, shared success and meaningful outcomes. We are all Tritons, and together, we transform lives.

As we approach the conclusion of this fall semester, please take a moment to revel in the journey we've undertaken together. Enjoy the well-deserved break that awaits, knowing that your efforts have contributed to the collective success of our UMSL family.

Gratefully forward,

Kristin Sobolik
University of Missouri–St. Louis