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Message from the Office of the Chancellor

January 17, 2023 - Welcome to the Spring Semester at UMSL

Dear University Community,

Welcome to the spring 2023 semester at UMSL!

To our returning students – it’s wonderful to have you back with us. To those joining us for the first time – we are so glad to welcome you as you begin life as a member of the UMSL Community. Finally, to my dear colleagues, the many multifaceted faculty and staff who work so hard to achieve UMSL’s mission of transforming lives together, thank you for continuing your vital work with us. I so appreciate you and all that you do!

The beginning of each semester is always an exciting time because it’s just that — a beginning, and I personally find this to be filled with promise, fresh ideas and excitement. It’s my hope that you each feel some of these things too as we chart a new course together again. As I think of this new semester, I remain #UMSLProud! Together we will accomplish so much, and I look forward to all the transformations we’re so fortunate to witness on a regular basis.

Students, it’s also my hope that you know now and always that you are forever fully supported here at UMSL. You are not just welcome; you are a vibrant and central part of our community. To that end, please visit this list of services and resources that are available to you now or at any time in the future should you ever need them. Make note, bookmark them, and know that the ability to ask for help when needed is one of the greatest means to success we can possibly have.

Springtime at UMSL - there’s nowhere I’d rather be. We’ve got this! Let the next adventure begin.


Gratefully forward,

Kristin Sobolik
University of Missouri–St. Louis