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Be Well at the RWC

The RWC offers a wide variety of wellness programs and education to improve the quality of life of the UMSL community. With the help of Health Services, we are able to provide a large assortment of wellness education and events throughout the year.  




The environmental dimension of wellness inspires us to treat our environment and surroundings with love and respect. It influences us to live in harmony with nature, and realize our own sense of being.

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The physical dimension of wellness pertains to the need of healthy eating, adequate exercise, sufficient sleep hours, and abstaining from drug and alcohol abuse. This involves controlling your overall health and wellbeing to achieve the highest degree of physical wellness.

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The social dimension refers to our abilities to form healthy conversation, communicate, creating relationships, and establish connections with friends and family.

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The spiritual dimension of wellness represents your own values and beliefs in finding your own purpose and wellbeing. This aspect is achieved when one’s core values, beliefs, and spiritual being reach an equilibrium

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Occupational dimension of wellness highlights our own personal gratification and satisfaction by one’s own career path. Occupational wellness encourages exploration of career options that pertain most to the likes and interests of self.

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The financial dimension of wellness is becoming content with your financial standpoint with current and future financial situations. This includes but is not limited to what is needed to achieve an adequate amount for your career and preference. This involves taking the steps to become happy financially in your career and home life.

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