Environmental Health and Safety

Green Campus Initiative


The Green Campus Initiative addresses our fundamental responsibility of environmental stewardship, and communicates ongoing and continuous improvements to that end. The University of Missouri - Saint Louis will continue to implement environmentally friendly programs and procedures.

On-Campus Recycling System

Energy Conservation

By using time-controlled thermostats and updating systems, UMSL has achieved the lowest energy consumption rate among the four UM campuses and one of the best rates nationally. We are enhancing this effort through building renovations and further updates of antiquated heating, cooling, and lighting systems.

Transportation, Parking, and Fleet Maintenance

Home to two Metro stations, UMSL is an ardent supporter of mass transit. The campus currently offers all students Metro passes at a discount rate, maintains a public parking lot adjacent to the UMSL-North station, and the roadway leading to the UMSL-South station.

UMSL is reducing its vehicle-dependency as it becomes the intersection of two major bicycle trails projects in the region.

Sustainable Growth and Development

The University of Missouri-Saint Louis Campus Master Plan establishes the overall vision for the campus, and the framework to support the University's long-term plans for growth in enrollment and academic programs. The plan was presented to the Board of Curators in 2002 and updated in April 2006 and again in 2009 to address new issues relating to land use, program circulation and parking, development and redevelopment, and infrastructure.


Benchmarking and Assessment

1. Raw energy consumption reductions of 2.5% annually through FY 2010 (more info later)

2. Increase campus recycling weights by 8% annually through FY 2010 (more info later)

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