The Testing Center supports faculty by providing proctoring for exams that cannot be administered in the classroom setting:

  • Accommodative exams
  • Makeup exams
  • Departmental placement, test-out, or exit assessments
  • Online course exams (SmarterProctoring alternative for individual students only)

 Submitting an Exam to the Testing Center

If your course uses SmarterProctoring, enable "Institution Testing Centers" in Proctor Settings. SmarterProctoring will automatically redirect students to our registration site, RegisterBlast. Please be sure to direct your students to schedule through SmarterProctoring in Canvas. Since it is integrated with RegisterBlast, faculty do not need to submit the test directions to the Testing Center separately. 


Here is a pdf handout with directions for students! 

Faculty may submit, edit, and manage all aspects of Testing Center exams in the RegisterBlast Professors tool. To learn how to enable the RegisterBlast tool in Canvas, create submissions, and view appointment statuses, click here

Faculty may also submit exams by email to or drop it off in JCP 93. If emailing or dropping off the exam, please also provide a completed Exam Transmittal Form (pdf)



Testing Center Faculty Policies

(New in Spring 2022) TEST PREPARATION POLICY: Faculty are responsible for providing the Testing Center with test administration directions for each test that a student is scheduled to take in the Center at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment.

Why do we have this policy? If the Testing Center has not received test administration directions 24 hours before the student's scheduled start time, the student's testing appointment will be canceled. It is then the responsibility of the student and faculty member to make alternate arrangements for the test, such as rescheduling to a later date/time or administering the test in an alternate location. This policy is being enforced to:

  • Allow Testing Center staff the capacity to make adequate preparations for the testing appointment
  • Reduce stress and uncertainty for the student due to a lack of proper examination parameters
  • Eliminate delays in assisting other students and test candidates at their scheduled test appointment time
  • Provide equitable services so that no one student receives an advantage or disadvantage over others due to a lack of proper examination parameters

WALK-IN POLICY: All students are required to schedule a testing appointment a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the desired date and time. Walk-ins are not accepted.

Why do we have this policy? The Testing Center is an appointment-based service. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements--including making sure that devices meet requirements for online proctoring--for testing prior to the test date. If a student arrives at the Testing Center without a scheduled appointment, they will be asked to contact their instructor to make alternate arrangements.  This policy will be strictly enforced in order to reduce stress on the Testing Center's limited resources and staffing. This policy eliminates delays in checking in other students and test candidates at their scheduled test start time. Until further notice, there will be no exceptions to this policy to provide equitable, non-discriminatory services to all patrons.

WHOLE-CLASS TESTING POLICY: The Testing Center does not have the capacity to support whole-class testing or large groups of students from the same class.

Why do we have this policy? Testing Center services are intended for individual students who have a disability accommodation or miss tests given during class time due to illness, university-sanctioned event, or other unforeseen circumstance that prevents the test from being proctored in the classroom or with SmarterProctoring online proctoring. The Center does not have the facilities or resources to handle testing for a whole class. Please schedule class time for exams.

(New in Spring 2022) TEST LENGTH POLICY: A test or quiz administered in the Testing Center must be a minimum of thirty (30) minutes in length. 

Why do we have this policy? This policy is being enacted to reduce disruptions and foot traffic in testing areas and to reduce strain on the Testing Center's limited resources and staffing. 

ACCOMMODATIVE TESTING: The Office of Disability Access Services is solely responsible for determining if a student is eligible to receive special accommodations on quizzes and exams. Students will provide faculty with a DAS faculty memo at the beginning of the semester and schedule their exams in the Testing Center accordingly.

HOMEWORK AND COMPLETED TESTS: The Testing Center does not distribute nor accept homework assignments, review sheets, or return graded exams to students. To ensure that FERPA regulations are followed, completed paper exams are uploaded and shared with faculty in Google Drive, using your University-provided Google account.

OPEN-RESOURCE TESTS: Students may not use personal devices to access ebooks, notes, or any other supplemental resource.

ORAL AND LISTENING TESTS: The Testing Center can administer exams with listening components, but does not have the capacity to support the administration of oral exams. 

ONLINE PROCTORING: At this time, the Testing Center does not remotely proctor exams over Zoom or any other video conferencing service. SmarterProctoring online remote proctoring services are supported by Missouri Online.


Updated September 7, 2022