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The Testing Center staff welcomes you to explore our services! We provide a variety of programs to assist our students on campus and offsite. 

  • Make-up exam administration (paper/pencil or computer-based)
  • Online course proctored exam administration (paper/pencil or computer-based)
  • Adaptive testing for students registered with Disability Access Services
  • Departmental placement exams
  • Institutional graduation exams (Major Field Test, etc.)
  • Coordinating offsite testing options for UMSL students residing at a distance from the main campus


Exam Transmittal Forms are required to be sent with each exam sent to the Testing Center.

EXAM TRANSMITTAL FORM (fillable Word document)


Additional Faculty Resources:
Center for Teaching and Learning
Learning Resource Lab
Instructional Support Services
Technology Support Center
Exams on Canvas
  1. Once your Canvas Quiz has been created, go to Edit mode and ensure that you've included the following settings:
    • Password for the exam (only viewable by Testing Center staff)
    • Amount of time students have to take the exam
    • A start date/time and stop date/time (Bear in mind that available online test times will vary depending on the Testing Center's schedule)
  2. Complete the Instructor page. This will allow you to set up your emergency and/or best contact information, as well as list of any instructions the proctor will need to know when administering your exam. The information submitted here is only available for Testing Center staff to see and will not be shared with your students. In the case of a technical issue, staff will attempt to contact you using the information provided here.
  3. Once you've completed Steps 1 and 2, direct your students to log into the Student Appointment System ( schedule their exams. Please note that until the upgrade is complete, only Canvas exams are available for students to schedule this way.
Paper/Pencil Exams
  1. Provide the Testing Center with a copy of the exam and a Exam Transmittal Form.
  2. Inform your student(s) that they must schedule an appointment. Please direct them to the Test Request Form.
  3. The exam will be administered, processed, and returned according to the conditions specified on the Transmittal Form.
Paper Exam Retrieval Options
Faculty who administer paper/pencil examinations have one of three options for the return of their complete exam material:
  • Pick up in Testing Center
  • Campus mail (1-2 business days)
  • PDF scan to email (1 business day)
We are happy to return your paper exams to you in PDF format via email. However, return by scan is not to be equated with immediate delivery. Faculty must allow at least 24 hours or one business day for the return of exam material via email. In most cases, completed exams will be processed and returned by no later than 12:00PM of the following business day. Exam scanning is a courtesy service and we do not want to discontinue this service because of abuse that strains the department's resources. We ask for your patience and consideration in this sensitive matter so that we can meet accreditation standards and ensure accuracy when handling your exam materials.

What is the procedure for suspected cheating?

  • All students taking tests in the Testing Center must adhere to the University's academic integrity policy.
  • All students will be monitored by a proctor and/or LAN School surveillance. The proctor is responsible for monitoring activity within the Testing Center. Monitoring may include watching from a seated position in the room, walking through the room, and viewing live surveillance on LAN School.
  • If a student is witnessed or suspected cheating on a test, the proctor will report the incident to the faculty member who will determine action in accordance with UMSL academic integrity policy. 

One of my students is registered with Disability Access Services and receives testing accommodations. What should I do?

  • First, send us the exam and transmittal form.
  • Direct the student to use the Test Request Form to request an appointment. They will have the option to choose to take the exam in the Testing Center or at the DAS Office.
  • All adaptive exams are administered during the regular class time. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by you.

What testing accommodations are available to students who qualify?

  • A distraction-reduced environment or isolated testing room
  • One-half or double extended testing time
  • Some students qualify to use a scribe or reader during a test. For more information on testing accommodations, please contact Adam Mann, Coordinator of Student Accommodations. 

My class just had to cancel a meeting. Can you proctor an exam for my entire class?

  • Unfortunately, we do not have the resources (space, staff, etc.) to administer exams for an entire class at once, even if we use your classroom and class period to do so.
  • For the same reason, we ask that you do not send your entire class to the Testing Center for a single test; please contact the Testing Center Coordinator directly if you would like us to consider an alternate solution or exception to this policy.

Do I have to tell my students to make appointments, or can they walk in to take exams?

  • Faculty are responsible for instructing students in the correct exam scheduling procedure, or directing students to the Testing Center webpage for information. Please, never tell students that they can "just walk in." Appointments are required for all testing -  walk-ins and late arrivals may not be admitted.

What should students expect when arriving to the Testing Center?

  • Upon arrival, the student should show photo identification, place all personal belongings (cell phone, coat, smart watches, etc.) on the storage shelf or in a locker. Food and drinks are not allowed unless specified in a student's DAS memo. 

I want my students to be able to use their e-books on proctored exams. Is this allowed?

  • Absolutely - however, please keep in mind that cell phones and electronics (including laptops) are universally prohibited from the testing rooms. Students are not allowed to use their personal laptop on an exam, regardless of whether or not it is in Airplane mode - proctors cannot monitor personal computers. The only exception to this rule is if the student needs a program on their laptop to complete an assessment. 

Can the Testing Center print my exams?

  • Yes, we can print individual exams and exams for small classes up to a maximum of 50 pages. Faculty must provide their own paper exams if more than 50 pages are to be printed.

I teach an online course, but I want my students to get their old exams back. Can the Testing Center do this for me?

  • No, the Testing Center is not responsible for returning graded exam material to students.