Eloisa Sari


This photo represents the everyday field work of an ornithologist, when captured birds are identified based on their morphological characteristics and photographed for scientific records. Here two male Slaty-Antshrikes from the Atlantic Forest are being compared for species identification, which is complicated by the similarity between their plumages.

The correct identification of species is essential for studies on biodiversity and species diversification. Besides, this photo was taken during an expedition to survey the bird diversity from an area in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest that was never previously explored, and this type of study is an important step for the conservation of this extremely threatened ecosystem.

My research interests are in the area of evolutionary biology and I study diversification and disease ecology of birds. I have worked for a few years with small birds from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest and now I am also investigating flycatchers in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. For my Ph.D. project I want to understand when these birds colonized the Galápagos and the effect that parasites can have on their evolution and conservation status.

Portraits Of Research 2009