Traditionally, the Biology Department has been represented always in the intramural competitions at UM – Saint Louis in the indoor and outdoor soccer leagues. We are the Jaguarundis and there are several reasons to name our team that way…



Jaguarundis are cool, they have a compact and powerful build, although small they are among the toughest carnivores in the rainforest! The Biology Department at UM-Saint Louis is proudly represented by a bunch of these animals by means of a nahual conversion (you can think of a nahual as your animal brother or as people that can transmografy into animals).


Jaguarundis sleep with their arms folded and their tails wrapped around them. Jaguarundi babies are covered with cute dark spots.


Jaguarundis hunt more diurnally than other felids and frequently travel or forage in pairs.


Jaguarundins are expert climbers and have been seen crossing the highway near Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, México.


Jaguarundis, in their nahual-human form, play football with their characteristic “Garra Jaguarundi” and will fight until the last man (and minute) to bring the UMSL championship to the Biology Department. not forget that deep inside they are incredibly sweet loving creatures that require your support to strengthen their motivation...