One way we celebrate diversity at UMSL is with collaborative programming from departments and student organizations. We currently program for the following: Hispanic Heritage Month, LGBTQ+ History Month, Black History Month, and Women's History Month.

From September 15-October 15, we celebrate and learn about the many cultures and histories of the Hispanic community. From food, to dance, to history we help the UMSL campus better understand Hispanic Americans and their heritages.

In October we bring the community together to observe the history of the gay rights movement as well celebrating the countless contributions of the people involved in the LGBTQ+ community. 

LGBTQ+ History Month 2020 Schedule

Each February we come together with student organizations and other departments to celebrate and honor the many important and invaluable contributions African Americans have made in our world, as well as educating about the past and present-day experiences in the black community.

2021 BHM Programming Calendar

Women throughout history and around the globe have contributed to the advancement of society, and continue to influence our lives today. We honor the many women who have come before us with educational and inspirational programming during the month of March.

 WHM 2021 Programming Calendar